Dead Sea Scrolls FORGERIES at Bible museum (scandal)

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  • bsmart

    Just a side note... When the new testament (New World Translation) was released in the 60s I was a teenager and the dead sea scrolls were a big thing. I was convinced that all the changes in that new green bible were because someone in Bethell had access to the Dead Sea Scrolls and wasnt it wonderful how Jah had revealed it all. Turns out none of my insight was right, but I sure was convinced/

  • BluesBrother

    I read this earlier... seems this museum purchased the fragments on the open market believing them to be a part of the Qumram hoard........but they were not. The latest findings say that they are modern fakes.

    However, this does not reflect on the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves, in Jerusalem I believe.

  • Terry

    The story of the Dead Sea Scrolls is filled with intrigue.
    Releasing the research results was kept under wraps for years and years
    until somebody took photos of the fragments and published them on the Worldwide Web.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls were feared by religious dogmatists.

    Watch this BBC Documentary for exacting details.

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