Episode 3 of "This JW Life" is now available.....

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  • dubstepped

    Episode 3 is now out and available on iTunes or whatever you use, as well as my site, linked below. This one is heavier and about life at home growing up as a JW. I even had an epiphany while recording it, which you'll hear as you listen. I'm hoping to have number 4 out in a week and a half or so. It will be about life as a JW, the meetings, field service where we knocked on doors, what we were taught, etc.

    If you subscribe on iTunes (I use Podcast Republic for Android) or somewhere else you'll automatically get each episode as it comes out. I'll still announce it though, and it is available on my site to listen to.


  • cofty


  • dubstepped

    Thanks Cofty! This particular episode means a lot to me. It's very personal. Oh man, I could have said so much more and just scratched the surface of crazy, but it was enough as it related to the JWs. It wasn't just one JW family, but two (mine and neighbors), and the crazy was real. Yet everyone was seen as a good JW in good standing.

  • jambon1

    Look forward to listening.

    Is it available on podcasts app?

  • dubstepped

    @jambon - Yes, it is available. I can't speak for every app because I don't know where all of them pull from, but I know it is on the iTunes app and Podcast Republic, and you can stream it from my site or download it.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I have listened to all three podcasts. They are very interesting and any former JW will relate to the life experiences of dubstepped. If you have any friends that are considering entering the cult and giving up on their actual life and living only for the future paradise, they need to listen to the podcasts. I look forward to more podcasts.

    Sour Grapes


    Hi Dubstepped.

    Listened to this last night, awesome and the similarities are uncanny.

    My father was an elder and the secretary of the congregation.

    He was the same as your dad although his abusive behaviour at home included physical abuse, hitting, belt thrashing etc.

    But at the Kingdom hall he was the life and soul of the place, laughing and joking, bros and sis would say to us

    "you must have such fun at home with your dad, he is so funny and jolly" - we knew otherwise.

    He was an intimidating person - he's passed away now but the scars are still there. Especially because he knocked the confidence out of us and he was a bully.

    Family study was very hit and miss, sometimes at 10:00pm at night when we had school in the morning he would decide it was time to study.

    If we ever did the bible reading and we took turns to read. If you mispronounced a word or was a bit rushed when reading he would shout at us, and correct us, make us read it again to get the "flow of the reading". This made it worse sometimes we would cry, as you can imagine we were all scared of him including my mum.

    My mum was the same as yours she was a buffer between us and our dad and would try and keep the peace.

    No wonder all of my family are messed up and on anti depressants.

    All of my 5 sisters are still in, Im the only one out.


    Keep them coming loving the podcasts !!

    Cheers, WGO.

  • jambon1

    Got it. Thank you. Look forward to listening at work next week.

  • stuckinarut2

    Cheers buddy!

  • dubstepped

    @jambon - Hope you find something in it that strikes you in some way.

    @WGO - My mom actually said aloud that she wished my dad would hit her so that she'd have proof. I, on the other hand, was glad my dad didn't throw that bonus in. I'm so sorry that yours did. I'm glad/sad that you can see yourself in my story.

    My goal is an episode per week, released on the weekend. I had two ready to go when I launched, and the third was nearly done so I finished it and released it early. I'm going camping this weekend and wanted to make sure it was out. So next weekend there should be another new one if I can get it together by then.

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