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  • hillary_step

    Another thought,

    Many XJW's inherit from their JW days a desire to always be right, all the time about everything. There was a time when we actually viewed what we said as 'life-saving' and sometimes this Messianic notion is alive and well in our opinions on many matters. We must recognize that as XJW's we have far more opinions than 'truths' tp spread abroad, and against the backdrop of history opinions count for very little.

    Another thought,

    Somebody in private mail used a term recently that I think is very important in its implication. He mentioned that he felt that many XJW's were suffering from a 'professional victim syndrome'. I could not agree more and this syndrome can be exacerbated by the continual process of bashing anything WTS based, good or bad. Perhaps when we can see our lives in a more even perspective, learning to leave behind the anti-social things we learned as JW’s but recognizing that there were also many good things that we learned. Automatically attacking everything that has WTS stamped on it without thought, is probably not helping us grasp the reality of our situation.

    Another thought.

    People love to argue. Even those who start threads that clamor for peace rise to the occasion of a good verbal bundle when challenged. I have done it myself and *always* regretted the miserable waste of time that it was. Human nature and the tribal instinct is a very hard demon to grapple with.


  • Simon

    I think the extra threads are unhelpful.

    They frequently inflame the situation and also divert attention frmo the real event. Often they are just an excuse for people who have nothing to do with what is going on to jump in and start making additional issues.


  • Dawn

    Many XJW's inherit from their JW days a desire to always be right.

    Ouch!! Stop're poking at me! (he he)

    I just confessed this to someone the other day - I realize that I always think I'm right in any religious discussion - wonder where that came from?? So I'm working on accepting that I am not omnipotent in knowledge (damn!) and that I just might be wrong sometimes.........not a lot........not very often.........just sometimes

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