In the end its all words on a screen

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  • SpiceItUp

    Apparently yesterday there were some misunderstandings and feelings were hurt and situations were brought way out of proportion.

    (I must say when I popped online before I went to bed I was shocked and saddened at some of the stuff that happened. I had an enjoyable day of shopping/cooking/dinner & a movie only to see some of my friends involved in a dispute that could have been easily avoided)

    In the end yes it is all words on the screen but to the ones writing it, its not. We put our thoughts, feelings, emotions and opinions into them. Some of us put a little bit of our soul into what we write. When we get misunderstood then our hurt and temper gets brought into it as well.

    When someone writes something, we don't get to hear the inflection and tone of their voice as they would sound if they said it. I myself am guilty of writing out sarcasm that could be misinterpreted...and we all are guilty of maybe not wording things quite the right way so as to get our intended point across. Are we all able to write in such a way? Of coarse not. We all have different backgrounds and primary languages even. What some of us excell at others are not so adept. We have to not only accept that but embrace our differences.

    It all comes down to common consideration. If we were in their shoes how would we want to be handled when such miscommunications arise? Most of us are guily at some point of donig the opposite of what we ourselves would want. Thats because we are only human. When we get riled and emotions flare we tend not to think before we act/post sometimes.

    Its not even about right or wrong its about breaking free from the stereotypes and the "always having to be right" dub thinking. Be the "bigger" person----It will make you feel better.

    I wasn't there and reading as it happened so I have no idea how/what even went down. And guess what I don't care. I happen to like all parites involved and it upsets me that we can't just let some things slide by.

    Who started it? I really don't care. Was someone in the wrong? I really don't care. Was someone in the right? I really don't care. Was someone hurt? I care and thats what this is about.

    Lets all step back, realize that none of us are perfect, hug each other and say sorry. Say sorry even if right now you may not be able to realize you should be.

    After all in situations like this everyone contributes something to the argument and/or difference of opinions that has gotten blown out of proportion.

    (((((((Moe))))))) (((((((((Simon))))))))) (((((Skully))))))))

    ((((((((((everyone else)))))))))))

    I am sorry too. Lets prove to those lurkers that we can rise above our differences and stay friends.

  • Reborn2002

    Would all those words fit on a Hallmark Card?

    Play nice people!

    <Of the happy to not be the one in an argument Class>

  • JH
    Apparently yesterday there were some misunderstandings and feelings were hurt and situations were brought way out of proportion

    Every day there are misunderstandings, and feelings get hurt, but rarely do we see so much fuss over one incident. We shouldn't try to blame anyone here, but things should never get blown up like this. Sometimes very small incidents happen, and things get blown out of proportion, believe me.

    Things were indeed blown out of proportion. I think that when there are misunderstandings, people should be adult enough to send e mail or PM to each other instead of dragging it all over the board and involving so many people in it. Doing this only makes other people look bad.

  • Matty

    Spicey, you are one schmaltzy lady!

  • SpiceItUp



  • onacruse

    LOL, now it's my turn...people kept telling Katie and me to do the same thing, and that is:

    Go get a room!!

    ((Matty and Spice))

  • SpiceItUp

    Just what are you implying ona???

    Spice of the I already have a room class

  • Nikita

    Spice, excellent words of advice.

    Now, go have a safe trip and take lots of pictures! (ones you can post )


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