Bigred is in our Sunday newspaper

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  • Mulan

    On the front page of the Job Market section, of the Seattle Times, there is a big photo of Dave and our eldest son, Randy, and a two page article featuring their business. We were all interviewed for the article and weren't sure when it would be in the paper. It is so great to see it. It isn't online yet, but I will post the link when it is. They were interviewed last month for this article and the photographer went to their job site to take pictures.

    We've already had several phone calls for jobs, and one was a big one, for ongoing work. What great FREE advertising.

  • Princess

    It's a great article with a nice big picture of the two of them working. He is quite the celebrity around our house. Zoe was absolutely amazed her grandpa and uncle were in the paper. She HAD to call and tell him.

    Cute as can be. "Grandpa, you're in the NEWSPAPER!" Of course I only heard half the conversation but it was really sweet.

  • Joyzabel


    Go BigRed and Randy!

    I hope you guys get lots of work from that free advertisement! (but not too much to interfere with camping)

    Give us the link when it gets online.



  • Mulan

    The phone has been ringing all day.............either new customers, or old customers calling to say they saw it and how great it was.

    We are getting calls from old friends too, who saw it and want to be sure we saw it.

  • Joyzabel

    ahhhh, isn't that sweet!

    <waiting for link to see pic!!!>

  • Mulan

    Don't worry Joy. Camping trip is carved in granite. We will be there!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have pics. The photographer emailed 4 of them to me. I can only open two of them, and we have to pay to use them. But I won't tell if you won't. I'll find it and come back and post one of them. We are buying the one that is in the paper though. It will go good on the website.

    Now I know why I can't save the image. She sent them to me in a file that can't be copied. Duh!! So, can't put it on here until we pay.

  • Mulan

    Here is the photo that ran in the paper yesterday. Dave is in front, and our eldest son, Randy is behind him.

    This is the article, online:

  • bikerchic

    Hey Mulan that is so cool! I went to the websight too, very nicely done. I hope you reep many benefits from the free publicity, how cool is that!


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