Raiders of the lost life

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    It was a morning like any other morning. I was sitting at my desk, when into the room came this woman. She was beautiful and I could not take my eyes off of her. She seemed upset and quickly began to speak, "I need your help." I thought to myself, "what could this woman need me for, she could have anything she wants, with looks like that." Yet she seemed more and more upset and I thought we better talk more and find out what was wrong. It seemed that she had something taken away from here that she wanted back. It was something she never appreciated as much until it was gone. She said that a group took it from her and then tried to use it against her when she was down and distraught. I could hardly listen to the details, as I wanted to immediately go after these people and teach them a thing or two about how you treat people. Especially, I might add, a woman of such beauty. She finally got to the end of her account and I had to ask, "what exactly is it they have taken and used against you?" She sobbed a little and then turned to me and said, "they took my whole life, from the time I was born, to the moment I left them a few weeks ago." She then paused a moment and asked, "can you get it back for me?" I thought about it for a moment and then decided, "I will do my best." She left me some information and a map to where they were storing her life and how they had it locked away. It seemed to be locked behind a vale of lies and half truths. So it looked like I had my work cut out for me. Before I set off on my journey, I had to get a few things together. I needed some common sense, some logic and as much information as I could carry. With all of these things collected, I was on my way to see if I could find the life this woman had taken from her. The journey was not easy, the whole time I was looking over my shoulder and positive that someone was following me. I would run into people in suits and holding magazines on every street corner, and constantly they were attacking me with thoughts of "this will solve your problems" and "listen to me, I have the answer." If it wasn't for my whip of common sense, I would have never been able to get them to back away. Soon though I was at the location of where my beautiful friends life was locked away. It looked plan enough. Just four walls and some writing on the outside, saying what it was. The people were all going in with smiles and the kids seemed dressed so nice, when compared to the children I had seen in my own life. Yet I remembered the valuable logic I had packed away, that said "if something looks to good to be true, it probably is." So I entered the building, where people were all singing and listening to men talking from the stage. I was dodging bullets of scriptures and handshakes at every corner. I knew these people were going to be a challenge, but this was something far more dangerous then I expected. I needed extra strength, not to loss my own life in an effort to get someone else's. It seemed like the journey was taking forever, the natives of this building were not being very open with information. Their language was also very hard to understand. It seemed like they were using words I should know, yet they seemed to have other meanings inside these walls. Soon though I saw it, my beautiful friends life. It was wrapped up in these people that claimed to be family members of hers. They were sitting in the corner, among a tribe of other members who seemed to be holding other people's lives, as well. I set down and spoke to them about my friend and the life they taken from her, but they seemed to have my words on mute. At several moments, I wanted to load my gun with information and blow them all away. Yet I knew, if I took their life on accident, then I would be hurting my friend who needed hers back, even more. By several hours into my journey I was so tired from the battle of information. That I could not do anything other then admit defeat. These natives had set up a trap, that no one could break free from. I tried logic, common sense and information. Yet in the end, her life was still left where I found it. I felt like it was something I was burdened to admit, and I wished I could have returned with more success. Finally the day came and she entered into my life once again, and asked if I had the life she had had taken away from her. I set down and felt as if the whole world of what she felt was coming down upon me. I looked her in the eyes and spoke, "I tried and I tried, but those people are the most controlled people I have ever met. No weapon worked, no method helped and in the end I had to return with nothing." She seemed to take it pretty well and smiled. I set confused, "you are okay with this?" She just smiled again, and then she spoke to me in a more upbeat tone then I expected, "yes, I am. You see, when I sent you to get my old life and I was thinking of all the time I lost. I suddenly realized when you mentioned all the things you had to do, just to get in. That I was not in need of that life anymore. It was time to find a new one that would could not be taken away, one that I did not have to feel controlled under and unhappy with." She then smiled some more, "so, while you were gone. I decided to go shopping, and I found that there was a whole world of lives to choose from that were even better then the one I lost and I took it upon myself to buy the one I always wanted. So you see, it took seeing what someone else needed to do, to get my old life back. To see how little value, it really was." I set there thinking about what she said, and what I had seen in my journey to help her. And I realized, "she is right!" Yet I also wished that I had asked at the beginning, if I was ever going to get paid for all my work and why it is that us men can be taken advantage of so easy, when a pretty girl ask us to do something. My thought Dragon

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