bizarre weather--anywhere else in world?

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  • Ravyn

    ok 500 plus tornadoes in the US since May 1st! constant rain in Virginia. Ice storms, blizzards, hurricanes, droughts. No I don't think this is fulfilling any Bible prophecies...

    my question is: Is the weather this whacked in your neck of the woods too?

    Has it been freaky in the UK? Unusual in OZ? Other places represented on this forum?

    I just don't remember the environment being this hostile when I was child, and if this is the case--then warnings about global warming and 'the big one' coming in the future pale in significance...we are talking a major climate shift in less than 25 years! Something aint right.........


  • Pleasuredome

    glad you brought this up Ravyn. well the weather is affected by the suns activity. many tropical storms have taken place over the past 2-3 weeks that have been out of season, and there's no explanation for it. notice the cyclone in madagascar, just off the east coast of africa.

    this was the weather radar pic for the US on the 8th May. notice how many snow storms there are and where they are. typical of May weather?

    this is a feed taken from the SOHO satellite. the solar wind speed is usually about 400 kms-1. for the past 2 weeks it been between 600 and 800 kms-1. the magnetic field has regulary been hitting zero. also there's huge amounts of x-ray radiation hitting the earth just recently.

    solar weather can be checked out at

  • shamus

    Whoa! Holy information! That's crazy.... we have a meteorologist on board, ladies and gentlemen.... I bet you didn't get your degree with the help of WTBTS...

    I live in British Columbia, and do a lot of skiing / climbing. Well, we are getting snow up in the mountains as I type this out..... It's may long weekend for cryin' in the sink!!!!!!!!

    I insist on an apology from someone....

  • Mary

    Well here in Southern Ontario, all I can say is: THIS WEATHER SUCKS!!!

    OK, last year, we had snow the May 2-4 weekend. By the middle of June, it was so f**king hot, you couldn't even go outside under a tree, because you couldn't breath because of the humidity and pollution. It stayed like that for nearly two months. We set a new record high the first week in October with temperatures over 100 degrees F (with humidity), but by the third week in October, it was so damn cold, you couldn't go out without a winter coat, hat and gloves on. Temperatures from -35 - 45 Degrees and the cold weather never let up until April. But the third week in April, we had a freakin ice storm that brought everthing to a halt: I couldn't get out of the house for two days. Since then, the temperature's come up a bit but still we get day after day after day of dull, rainy overcast skys that are real good for depression.

    The last 5 or 6 years have been really bad. 5 out of 6 years have almost been a drought. Two years ago we went for almost 3 months with no rain and last year was no screaming hell either as far as rain is concerned. The other year all it DID was rain all summer and it was freezing cold - never got to go swimming once.

    Yep, the weather is completely bizarre and I would assume that alot of it is being caused by all the pollution we've made over the last hundred years.

    Without wanting to sound preachy, this is indeed a case of "whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap."

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Listen to the "Coast to Coast" discussion for May 13.

  • Shutterbug

    I am 66 years old and folks have been complaining about the weather ever since I can remember !! The weather goes in cycles and if we wait a while it will all be good. Bug

  • CaptainSchmideo

    All I can say is -

    Two major tornadoes in my city in two days is REEEALLLLL WEIRD!

    We have our share of storms, but when one tornado takes almost the same track as the one from four years ago, yikes!

    Economies may take slumps from time to time, but major disasters can really @$@# up a community, especially on that's not as diversified as it thinks it is. I hope a certain Detroit auto manufacturer doesn't decide to take its insurance money and set up a new plant south of the border. Otherwise, the last person to leave OKC better turn off the lights when they leave......

  • Ravyn

    I have two theories. The first one is that the US has perfected the 'weather weapon' Germany was working on in the 30-40's. The second one is that Mother Earth has decided to get over her 'cold' and throw off the virus of humans.


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