A Question about Hedge Funds and WTBTS

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  • iwasblind

    Hi all

    I was listening to the radio today and heard that most Hedge Funds have recorded a double digit loss, some of them have even written a letter to investors apologising and explaining why this has happened.

    I know there has been speculation about WTBTS investing in hedge funds, I also remember seeing a video from Snarky Apologist showing they were on the attendee board for a Hedge Fund investing seminar.

    I wonder if the latest panic cost cuts have to do with losing some money??

    I can't figure out where their money is going. When I look at the financials available they are covering costs or losing a little bit.

    It is just a thought but wondered if someone here knew anything else.

  • Vidiot

    I'm not a big believer in coincidence.

  • cognac

    Well, about $225 mil a year was going to the SP's, CO's, Bethelites, etc. over 5 years it was close to a billion.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    5 billion. Yikes!!!
  • cognac
    Beth - Almost a billion in 5 years...
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    In the movie Erin Brokovich, when that lady who has cancer was given that settlement. When Julia Roberts(Erin Brokovich) says they are going to **make them pay 5 million to you**. The lady goes **5 million, 5 million dollars!!!**, she kind of laughs and says ** I don't know how much money that is!!!**, she exclaims.

    Then at the end when Julia Roberts(Erin Brokovich), when after she tells off her manager, she looks down at her cheque handed to her to see xxxx2million dollarsxxxx. She looks up at her manager(Ed), her jaw nearly hitting the floor. Her manager says **by the way, do they teach beauty queens how to apologize, because you suck at it**

    What I am saying is that the amount you posted Cognac is beyond what the normal person can imagine!!! Mind boggling figures of money lost.

  • cognac

    I see Beth. Thought you just misread my post. 😄

    Now I want to watch that movie again, lol.

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