Watchtower decline or strategy?

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    So the conversation goes amongst friendly ExJWs:

    Optimist: Watchtower MUST be hurting for money. Look at all the downsizing and begging for money.

    Pessimist: NO WAY they are hurting. They just sold property worth half a billion with half a billion more to go and they get a billion a year in donations. Appearing to be hurting is only a ploy to get more donations.

    Antagonist: We will never know. So just STFU about it.

  • slimboyfat
    Conspiracist: what about the billions of dollars those Gilead missionaries got caught with on the Swiss/Italian border, and the secret tunnels under Brooklyn?
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    LOL! That was brilliant.

  • Finkelstein

    The correct answer to this decline might very well be in the fact the WTS organization is faltering upon its own inherent doctrines which it was built upon.

    Add in the ease of information that most people who live in modernized countries have offered through the inter-net just to worsen the situation further.

    Here's a thought worth considering, lets assume that the GB heads are aware their pressing dilemma of faltering doctrines which they are now trying their earnest to spin " Overlapping Generation " etc. therefore you don't want to press people too much to the organization in case they might become aware of those false faltering doctrines ie. 1914 and so on.

    Would it not be prudent to turn down what is to be expected of people toward being a JWS in itself. ?

  • westiebilly11
    overlapping generation? it'll be overlapping armageddon....
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Someone mentioned "overlapping donations" too. I thought that was clever.
  • slimboyfat
  • purrpurr
    Westiebilly I have the same thought that at some point they will try something like over lapping Armageddon to try and explain why it's not here yet
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Good point purr!!

    That's crossed my mind too about teaching about this so-called overlapping generations then a doctrine about an overlapping Armageddon how it may have already arrived invisibly in some form.

  • Vidiot

    Do this look like a guy capable of "strategy"?

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