Animals Have Soul

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  • humbled

    glenster, at the last l cried it was so beautiful. Thanks

  • venus

    Interesting video!

    Original command was to lovingly take care of animals (Genesis 1:29, 30) That part of the history is described as “very good” (Genesis 1:31) Life span of people were longer—as symbolized by Methuselah who lived for 969 years (need not be literal, it only means he lived longer). Looking at his vibrant health, observers would doubt: ‘when he will die?’ That is what his very name, Methuselah, literally meant.

    When humans turned egoistic, they began to see flesh as an object of enjoyment and began hunting (which was later copied by some animals too). To legitimize this change in habit, some invented the story of Noah’s flood whose very basis is irony. God supposedly wanted to protect Noah’s family and “two of all living creatures, male and female” (Gen 6:19) and to destroy the rest. After the flood, God says ‘now you can eat the animals.’ (Gen 9:3)

    Immediately after the conclusion of such a great colossal event of Global Deluge which destroyed all species except “two of all living creatures”, God would naturally have made a long speech with specific details to avoid such a global catastrophe again. Instead, God is too brief saying: “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you” which is in conflict with His own earlier command (Gen 1:29) as though He had to destroy the world because people went wrong on their diet.

  • glenster

    I wasn't really intending a possible exegesis of Gen. although I suppose that
    applies to debatably kinder ways to use some as food. I was thinking more of
    the idea of being kind to animals who can respond in kind--to treat a pet as
    your little kid. Be patient in training them--don't be abusive--or you
    shouldn't have one. (Likewise, I meant no support for the idea of having the
    gov't execute gay people or various other conservative ideas of misinformation
    or needless harm.)

  • smiddy3

    glenster i have a distaste for FB and quit it .Is their any other way to view this video?

  • glenster

    I tried figuring out a way to see it on YouTube and didn't see a way. If you search for "kindness to animals" there you can see similar clips:

  • Xanthippe

    I've seen this on Facebook Glenster, l love it. Especially the lioness jumping into the guy's arms. It just grieves me to see how intelligent and affectionate the chicken, turkey and goose are when I think of the terrible way we have treated poultry.

    Even if we're going to eat them we should treat them well not stuff them in tiny cages where they can't move. Nevertheless it gives me hope that so may people do care about animal welfare now. Slowly but surely the world is growing up but it has taken so long!

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