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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    One thing that bugs the heck out of me is the exclusive use of entitled when offering the name of any talk or article. Can;t it ever be "on the subject of", named, titled, called, about or anything else.

    I guess technically it is a correct usage, but entitled always (to me) means gives the idea of being in a special privelege, having a right to something or such.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Entitled means, to give a person or thing a title or to bestow a privilege or right of some kind.

    The usage is correct but it does make it all seem more grand than it really is. No matter how mundane they might be, they refer to their meetings as "spiritual banquets" and "spiritual feasts" so it follows that they'd use the word "Entitled" to inflate the value of the talk to be given.

  • _Morpheus

    indeed it is correct usage.

    but i also think its overused... its just one of those things that every chairman repeats without thinking. its a bit of a word wisker, so to speak, and i do recall it being a little grating sometimes.

    past tense: entitled; past participle: entitled
    1. 1.
      give (someone) a legal right or a just claim to receive or do something.
      "employees are normally entitled to severance pay"
      synonyms:qualify, make eligible, authorize, allow, permit; More
    2. 2.
      give (something, especially a text or work of art) a particular title.
      "an article entitled “The Harried Society.”"
      • archaic
        give (someone) a specified title expressing their rank, office, or character.
        "they entitled him Sultan"
        synonyms:title, name, call, label, head, designate, dub;
        "a chapter entitled “Comedy and Tragedy”"

  • steve2

    And, of course, the growing use of the word "entitled" in the context of people who presume they deserve recognition, benefits and goods that others question. E.g., "They act as if they're entitled to special privileges when they're not."

  • stillin

    It's kind of like "irregardless." You don't need the "ir" in front of it, but it sounds more impressive if it's there.

  • _Morpheus

    Entittled is a proper, reconized word with a standard usage commonly accepted by all english dictionaries.

    Irregardless is none of the above.

  • sparrowdown

    Haha, to say "on the subject of" would be false advertising for borg talks. JW talk titles often don't match the content of the talk. Saying "the talk entitled..." is like a weasle word for them IOW "the talk is called this but it's actually about that - usually a subject spun into a WT propoganda message."

  • scratchme1010

    Feel happy is that's what bothers you about them.

  • steve2

    Good point stilin'!

  • stillin

    Yeah, beg to differ with Morpheus. Common usage has allowed "irregardless" to creep into the language. Stick with "regardless."

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