W. Glen How & Associates LLP - who are they?

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  • George One Time
    George One Time


    This law firm seems to exit for the sole purpose of defending the JW organisation. Am I correct?

  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, you are somewhat correct.

    Glen How, now deceased, was a staunch JW who defended the WTS in legal matters on many occasions.

    Presently, the Glen How law firm sends lawyers over to Russia and elsewhere to represent the org on international matters.

    Glen How was instrumental in establishing the groundwork for the noblood court cases and he was the one who wrote "Religion, Medicine and Law" in 1960. That article can be found several places online but notably, it is found on page 233 in this book/volume here:

    Alternatives to Blood Transfusions 1973

    *edit to add:

    this is a much better copy of his seminal work - "Blood Transfusion: a legal, religious and medical issue"

    of which "Religion, Medicine and Law" is just one chapter

    Glen How is one person who can be held accountable for countless blood deaths during the last 6+ decades. He established the legal framework for that death dealing doctrine

  • darkspilver

    George One Time - As the website name you mentioned indicates - his name was W Glen How

    It was recently discussed at all congregations during the mid-week meeting with the study of the 2014 'God's Kingdom Rules!' book.

    God's Kingdom Rules, page 139

    Kingdom Preachers Take Their Case to Court

    In June 1950, the full Supreme Court of Canada, made up of nine justices, heard the case of Aimé Boucher. Six months later, on December 18, 1950, the Court ruled in our favor. Why? Brother Glen How, a lawyer for the Witnesses, explained that the Court agreed with the argument presented by the defense that “sedition” requires incitement to violence or insurrection against government. The tract, however, “contained no such incitements and was therefore a lawful form of free speech.” Brother How added: “I saw firsthand how Jehovah gave the victory.” (see footnote)

    Footnote: Brother W. Glen How was a courageous attorney who, from 1943 to 2003, skillfully fought hundreds of legal battles for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada and abroad.

  • OrphanCrow

    Yeah, Dsp. His name was W Glen How. But, for those JW Canadians who got to claim "same country of origin" status...he was just called, 'affectionately', "Glen". Like a buddy of similar ilk, ya know

    I have memories of my mom and dad talking of Glen How as tho he was the next door neighbor. And their chests would puff up with pride. Hero status for sure - bow down and touch your forehead to the ground kind of hero

  • darkspilver

    Glen How also got his life story printed in the Awake! magazine in 2000 - you can read it here:


  • Gorbatchov

    Mr. Dead


  • waton

    not relevant to the LLP law firm, but how Glen How reveled in the his role, and the power it gave him because of the law! Excerpt from a letter he wrote to a Quebec municipality's police to protest and stop of our arrests:

    "... as a representative of Her Majesty the Queen, you have the duty to uphold her laws. If the majority has the right to ring the church bells, our members have the right to ring the doorbells...." ( this would badly affect French Canadians, who where chafing under the control by the rest of [anglo]Canada.

    Hopefully such language will not be used by LLP inc. in Russia, which is in another power class, and has the means and will to further tighten the screws on the hapless jw r&f.

  • Incognito

    The physical address indicated for the 'How' law firm as per their web site, is the same address for WT Canada bethel.

  • Why Child
    Why Child

    Does anyone on the chat know of a direct way to email a question to an elder at jw.org?

    OR can answer with certainty, when the JW.org became incorporated (believed to be around

    2000-2005? Why and do they intend to say that way. Bible states of Christ's teachings:

    Not to mix politics with religion. INC is jointly connected to

    the roman established policies from my understanding...placing the organization under the pope.

    Any Incorporate religious group for that matter.

    I need some clarity and an accredited source for feedback.

  • darkspilver

    Why Child: OR can answer with certainty, when the JW.org became incorporated (believed to be around 2000-2005?

    I believe the date you want is Thursday, June 22, 2000

    Check out my post here (includes links to third-party websites):


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