JW Broadcast For August

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  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Okay I'll admit that what I'm about to ask is a little silly. This is the kind of stuff that crosses over into tinfoil hat territory, but you can't help but notice it.

    Did anyone else see Gary Breaux in this month's broadcast doing that weird "hand diamond" thing over his Bible? He was also wearing a pinky ring. This is what I'm referring to:

    It's similar to this but with the hands closer together. I've seen Lett do this as well. Here is a silly dramatic conspiracy theory tinfoil hat wearing video that shows this. He does it at 2:55 (and a few other times)


    Gary Breaux does THE EXACT SAME THING in this month's broadcast, and he had a pinky ring on his right hand. That is a very specific mannerism. It must mean something. Maybe he's about to undergo some secret initiation ceremony to become a member of the GB.

  • peacefulpete
    When he was our CO we all thought he wanted to be a TV evangelist. He finally got his wish.
  • Tenacious

    They are Masons and the diamond represents something (Dallas Canada explains it I believe) so they will show the sign so other Masons can see it and recognize it. It's all about hiding in plain sight.

    Which is why they also put the diamond on the bible on the website.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate


    Maybe this subject isn't as silly as I thought it was. I know for a fact that Gary Breaux did this same thing. It's not a coincidence. That was really the only thing that caught my attention when I was watching the broadcast with some other JWs. And I hate how everybody is expected to share what they learned when the thing is over. I should've said I learned that Gary Breaux is probably a Freemason. lol

    Here is another video that claims they are wearing Masonic rings:


    The rings are blue, but I don't remember the color of Breaux's ring. I don't feel like looking it up right now because I've been watching Mia Malkova comedy and nature documentaries. I don't want to lose stuff I want to visit later.

  • Tenacious
    I know for a fact that Gary Breaux did this same thing. It's not a coincidence.

    Yeah, that is one of things that caught my attention when I saw some of the first JW broadcasts.

    The weird way they positioned their hands over the bible.

  • pale.emperor

    What's the big deal about Masons anyway? I'd join the Masons if it wernt for the fact that I dont have a belief in any higher power or "grand architect".

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Also, I can remember a number of years ago that the "slave' counselled brothers who had platform assignments, not to have pens or a handkerchief in their top pocket and also to avoid wearing jewellery apart from a wedding ring.

    Looks like Warwick's 8 apostles missed those meetings. (probably out buying alcohol)

    p.s. Nothing this corporate cult does would astound me now - they act like untouchables.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I have reason to doubt that there's a connection between Freemasonry and JW's.

    My father was a Freemason and Shriner. He hated Jehovah and JW's. He was horrified when I became a JW. He wanted nothing to do with JW's.

  • peacefulpete

    Rabbit hole

  • shadow

    no way that a small group of men would just coincidentally all wear pinky rings but i can't think of any reason for it. weird

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