UK Tax cut for the wealthiest

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  • BettyHumpter
  • Phizzy

    Time for a Velvet Revolution in the U.K. We have no other way to get rid of these people who are making our Country a total ruin.

    Waiting for a General Election is no good, we must bring them down Poll Tax protest style, but without the criminal damage.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Couldn't agree more, it's shocking how they have destroyed the economy in less than a week and they think its all funny. Liz Truss is a total lunatic and unable to listen to any advise apart from the one that comes out of her useless mouth

  • LoveUniHateExams

    it's shocking how they have destroyed the economy in less than a week - completely disagree.

    The UK national debt currently stands at approx. £2 trillion.

    And that is due to the bank crash of 2008, the spending of Labour governments, the spending of Tory governments, Boris Johnson pissing money away on Covid lockdowns, giving billions away to Ukraine, etc.

    Don't believe everything you read in the mainstream media.

    Re the current economic plan of Liz Truss - we'll just have to see. It's a huge gamble and could go seriously wrong.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Time for a Velvet Revolution in the U.K - what does this mean? Spell it out, please.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    It's a huge gamble and could go seriously wrong

    Concentrate on the second part, tax cut for the rich, no windfall tax for the energy companies that currently making billions, queues of hungry people outside food banks, she couldn't run a supermarket never mind a country, we are thoroughly doomed

  • truth_b_known
  • jhine

    These measures were only implemented a few days ago , no where near enough time to see how effective they may or may not be.

    Yes it could be a disaster ( Darling ) but any economic changes need time to settle in .

    If this were a Labour government implementing some controversial measures then Labour supporters would be saying ' give it time ' .

    For me the clue is in the title Opposition Party . Whichever party is in power and even if they are doing a good job ( ? !!) then the Opposition will oppose , it's their job . So l find it very difficult to take any ranting seriously, it's what they are there to do .

    Time will tell


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    There has just been a U turn announced on the 45p tax band.


    PS Will not affect me!

  • punkofnice

    How you see this seems to depend upon which political leaning you have, in my view. Hence the debate.

    No matter which argument I listen to, it all seems pointless. Our politicians are self serving. Career politicians (look at the history of the only Truss I know that isn't a hernia support), who only feather their own nest.

    'Let them eat cake.' attutude.

    These b'stards are not reading the room, have no interest in the common people and talk shite 24/7.

    I no longer have any faith in any of the UK's parties. All utter shite.

    We await neo feudalism.

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