Article: Spain: Jehovah’s Witnesses Win Important Case Against “El Mundo”

by Tahoe 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • vienne

    What I see from your comments is that you disagree with the court's decision as Introvigne reports it. Disagreement does not mean he lied, only that he sees matters differently than you do. I do not see any suggestion that the watchtower pays him. He's a Sociologist. It's what they do.

    If you have solid evidence that the Watchtower pays him, please do share it.

  • EasyPrompt

    Massimo, you're very talented. Why do you allow the bad guys to use your for their own advancement? The payment you get from the WTBT$ and other religious hypocrites is nothing compared to the riches in love and happiness God holds out for you. You would do better becoming a friend of Jehovah instead of working for His enemies.

  • NotFormer

    This is a bit of a blow, really. I can't see a single lie in the list of things that the article supposedly lied about. Is it really just that they used the word "cult" that the court is ruling on?

    As for "millions" of exjw activists, that's just the cult's paranoia being aired. They want to believe that the people who have left are actively their enemy. Interesting that they are admitting that millions have left them, though. An own goal, perhaps? 🤔

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