protecting the oldest generation.

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  • waton

    This tree is named after a general, because the US called in the army to protect these oldtimers; now wrapped in a fire proof blanket. (it has already a 4 feet fireproof bark)

    when will Canada do the same, on it's West Coast and Brazil in the Amazon? we want a long tree generation, live as long as trees,

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I find this problematic. It should be named after a person of color to be on the right side of herstory.

  • hoser
    Just let nature take its course.

    Nature did take its course and we evolved to destroy everything.


  • waton
    Nature did take its course and we evolved to destroy everything.

    DG: There are now 1000 people that have not fully evolved in Canada, that have been arrested by the Royal Canadian police, of all people, for protecting, and blocking access the killing fields of the last of these growing giants. Shame on the Royal cmp for that. A blotch on their record.

    nbd: re naming: A small grove has been named after the most voracious company that plundered all the rest. McMillan. Bloede[l] not a person of color but a black mark on Canada's legacy

  • BluesBrother

    The thick bark on these trees has enabled them to survive countless fires in the past. I read somewhere that the extreme heat of these fires was unprecedented and made a danger to them.

    I am no climate activist but I must agree that so many bad things happening makes me worry about the climate.

  • GrreatTeacher

    So weird how the west is burning and the east is drowning from hurricanes.

    Had a nice getaway to the Outer Banks, but tropical storm Larry was churning off the coast and the beach was closed for swimming because of wild currents and riptides.

    Thank God he stayed off coast. Having to evacuate is a real thing and ruins vacations semi-regularly.

  • hoser

    Forest fires have been happening since forests have existed. The forest service wants to protect this old Sherman tree for money. Tourism is huge. Money is why they want to log in fairy creek. The residents of Port Renfrew might not want tourists bothering them they’d rather have the jobs cutting down the trees.

    Fires renew the forests and allow different species to thrive. Our lifespans are too short to see the benefits of renewal.

  • waton

    The forest service wants to protect this old Sherman tree for money.

    h: of course they are paid. but the US cavalry that fought off the loggers, did so on orders by far sighted, altruistic officials.

    The last giant trees of Canada ( always 10% in size of the US in every way) deserve the same protection. These trees are symbols of our hope for a long life; for life on this planet - period. they are the ultimate evolutionary survivors, producing the best offspring, with the thickest light bark, engineered like shuttle tiles.

    It take millenia to create trees like that, minutes to kill, with modern equipment. gone forever.

    Google Port Renfrew, looks like great surfing, black sky astronomy too. so:

    identify your precious heritage in canada and post the army. name them "Methuselah tree" as they do in the US for the real old one.

    retrain your loggers as computer programmers.

  • hoser

    Why don’t the people protesting the logging just buy the trees? Start a non profit to purchase lands like these. I see that as a more viable solution than getting assaulted by an rcmp officer. Just pool all their money together and get tax deductible donations and buy up the land from the sawmill.

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