Article: The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger - [A former JW]

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  • Simon

    Some interesting things to note:

    There is Crypto, and there is Bitcoin, they are not the same. Crypto is hated by Bitcoin "maximalists" who call it all "scams" (which 99.9% are, though some have real utility).

    Bitcoin was an innovative invention. While it can be copied, there can only be one original. It is truly unique and unreproducible, even though the code can be easily cloned.

    All the copies vary in that they provide the "inventors" with their own supply of coins or the ability to mint unlimited coins. All the things wrong with Fiat money, but amplified.

    FTX appears to be involved with the same shady political characters: Clinton foundation, Biden donations, money laundering through Ukraine, SEC involvement etc... Expect no arrests or much media coverage of the close links to Biden and the democrat crime syndicate.

  • smiddy3


    You didn`t read the Pp`ts reply very well did you ,FOMO ,Fear Of Missing Out,

    Savvy ?

  • Bartolomeo

    only after TonusOH's explanation and re-reading peacefulpete's post did I realize the thing. English is not my native language

  • dehek

    Hello peoples, thanks for posting the article absolutely awesome opportunity to be featured in the New York times and especially to give it to the Jehovah's Witness organisation.

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