Oh the irony!!!!

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Has the Society ever taken a positive position on whether the GB receives revelation or not?

    If they speak when moved upon by the Holy Spirit, is that not revelation? Or if they are inspired to see things in a "NEW LIGHT," is that not revelation as well? The Society seems to shy away from the R-word except when discussing John's book. Officially it says the GB doesn't receive revelation as the prophets did, nor are GB members prophets. Rather, the GB, as a body, is a prophet.

    But does the prophet actually hear from God? Do they, as a body, talk to God face to face as did Moses? Do they entertain angels like Abraham? See visions as did John? Prophesy as did Isaiah, Ezekiel and Zechariah? Do they say, "Thus saith the Lord" regarding anything? If, together, they are a prophet, how would they know that unless it was revealed? When the Lord looked at all the world's religions and chose the Society, it certainly wasn't in the papers.

    So how did Jehovah convey His will to the GB, exactly?

    These aren't just rhetorical barbs, but are legitimate questions.

    The SLAVE has yet to address these challenges to its legitimacy.

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