Cuban in the water!

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  • Adam

    A group of about 4 or 5 Cubans were spotted in the water a few miles off of some Florida islands this morning. Most got picked up by a Coast Guard cutter but one was refusing to get on the boat. Apparantly he knew that if you're picked up in the water, you can get turned right around and sent back to who know's what fate at the hands of Castro. But if you put your foot on U.S. soil, the rules change and your chance of being able to contribute to the eradication of American culture in Florida skyrocket.

    I feel bad for the guy and all but if the choice is between

    1. A person getting treated harshly by his own country's government and...

    2. Allowing yet another non-english speaking, non-americanized person, desperate enough to risk death, and not in any way interested in asymaliting into an area of our country already unrecognizable as America...

    I pick #1

    How about these people try to fix their own country instead of coming over here and destroying ours. I saw a 60 minutes story years ago that still touches me. An old lady was in a terrible fix. She still lived in the house she grew up and raised her kids in. She didn't have enough money to move unless she wanted to down-trade into a studio in a bad part of town. But she couldn't buy milk at the corner store because she couldn't speak Spanish. She found it impossible to find many of the foods she liked and had eaten all her life. There were no more set prices on a large number of items she needed to buy, instead she was supposed to barter. Seing as how she had never done this, she constantly got taken advantage of and was burning through her meager savings. Basic maintainance on her house and health were becoming impossible for her to accomplish. All because the whole area had been over run by Cubans who had no intrest in adapting to the culture of their new country and instead turned this part of American soil into an alien nation.

  • SheilaM

    Normally, I would agree but if we hadn't instigated the over-throw of Cuba by Castro anyway we wouldn't be in this predicament.

  • ThiChi

    Its called "Wet Foot, Dry Foot" Policy.

    Just had a box of great Cuban cigars (Punch Punch dec 002) delivered to my office!

  • nightwarrior


    Adam suppose you were born in cuba ,would you want to stay there knowing that life was much sweeter in the next field just across the river what would you do ,allso adam America doesnot belong to Americans, your fellowman killed and rapped and skined millions of American indians ,maybee your ancestors took part in this masacre of original Americans , YOU WERE SAYING ADAM,


    .Mr nightwarrior

  • Adam

    Oh get off it night. The Normans and the Saxons fought in your country, who won and who was there first? Brittan was once all Catholic, but the Protestents took over. The English brutalized the Scottish and Irish and took land that didn't belong to them. Not to mention that the Clovis people were here before the Native Americans. But just because various parts of the U.K. were ruled at one time or other by the Romans, the Vikings, and who knows how many other different civilizations are you saying you'd whistle happily and watch if a huge chunck of your country was taken over by an alien culture, displacing your current fellow countrymen?

  • Adam
    if we hadn't instigated the over-throw of Cuba by Castro anyway we wouldn't be in this predicament.

    Yeah, well hell. We made a mistake. We'll make more. Everybody makes them. Are we supposed to pay forever for every single mistake or morally questionable action? Taking over indian country wasn't exactly a humanitarian campaign. Do you think we should transfer all current Americans back to the original 13 colonies and abandon everything else in the rest of the country to the wild and to people with a certain percentage of Native American ancestry? Should we have supported the spread of world communism since we supported Stalin in WWII? Should the Russian government stop trying to solve health problems resultant from Chyrnoble since, after all, they didn't build a safe enough nuke plant there? Saying that we should sit by and watch the distruction of a part of our country because we instigated the over throw of Cuba way back when is just as silly.

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