Why Is YHWH Used Regularly In OT and NEVER in NT?

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  • minimus

    And if the name Jehovah is that important why is it that Jesus Christ never use that name in a record of scriptures?

  • steve2

    The most obvious answer is that the diverse books of the Bible were written over an extremely long period of time and the focus of the earlier time period was different from that of later time periods. Despite contrary claims, it is not a seemless whole.

    In other words, the motley collection of books that have been "offocially' accepted as Divine and brought together into one "tidy" collection of book is little more than the earnest writings of diverse religious individuals over an extremely long period of time and are not the unified "Word" of "God".

  • sparrowdown

    Ah yes the mysterious case of the missing vowels and why Col Mustard... sorry ...I mean Jesus... didn't identify them.

    Maybe because......

    YHWH does not =Jehovah.

    The pronunciation of YHWH is irrelevant.

    WT lies.

  • sparky1
  • Crazyguy
    Jesus Christ was the new guy taking the place of the old Creator God exalted to the one and only true God the old God didn't matter as much just the creator god. In older pantheons this is also what happened . Baal replaced El, Osiris replaced Ra, Marduk replaced several gods before ,Zeus replaced Chronos. Acts chapter 4 the only name to be saved by was Jesus.
  • minimus

    Still no real answers

  • tepidpoultry

    Tetragramaton was transliterated to PIPI in early Greek texts and then discarded is one theory proffered,

    Which means actually that the Almighty couldn't figure out how to preserve His own name until FW Franz came along,

    (This being "the nations shall know" guy)

    Go figure


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Could it be because the OT was written in Hebrew while the NT was written in Greek?

    There is no "yod-he-haw-he" in the Greek version of Scrabble.

  • Heaven

    Probably because he was the Canaanite god of war... which doesn't exactly fit with the new Christian god of love Jesus.

  • Steel

    There is plurality to God in the old testament. One being the essence and power and one being seen and dealt with. No one can see God but obviously people did see God.

    Paul calls jesus the visible image of the invisible God.

    John says no on has seen the father only the son

    Jesus in the old testament Co existed with God as jehovah in the old testament. In the new testament jesus to God as father. It's the god head.

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