C.T. Russell animated intro video project

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  • TimeBandit

    This is a short video I made a few years ago to be the intro for some future JW parodies I had thought about making. I took a picture of Russell and animated it and tamed him into being my new mascot. What do you think?



  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I'm not sure whether to point and laugh or run in terror.

    I'm too tired to run, so I'll give it a LOL!

  • baker

    The Lion,s roar was so refreshing...

  • TimeBandit

    Here's a test animation I did as well.



  • sparky1

    TimeBandit, your work is FANTASTIC!

    I thought of an animated parody that you could make based on the Wizard of Oz. You could call it: THE WIZARD OF A LOST CAUSE.

    Wizard of a Lost Cause: Jehovah

    Scarecrow: N.H. Knorr

    Cowardly Lion: J. F. Rutherford

    Tin Man: C.T. Russell

    Wicked Witch: Maria Russell

    Munchkins: Circuit and District Overseers

    Flying Monkeys: Evil Slave Class

    Dorothy: Rose Ball or Berta Peale

    Soldiers at the Castle: Dismissed members of the original Board of Directors

    Uncle Henry: Lon Schilling or John Marcus or John Booth

    Auntie Em: Ladonna Schilling or Estelle Marcus or Ethel Kadelchick (Ethel from Bethel)

    Just a thought. Maybe some other ex-Bethelites have some ideas. Billy?

  • TimeBandit

    Cool ideas sparky. I made these a few years ago and then life kept me from doing anything further. I hope to get back into it sometime soon.


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