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  • FedUpJW

    A crappy bit of paper with 4 pages

    An that is all the new meeting workBOOK is. A crappy little workSHEEIT

  • punkofnice

    Fedup - It sounds like the sheet of paper the kids colour in at McDonalds crap food outlet.....only less intellectual and entertaining.

  • careful

    As journeyman puts it, "The midweek meeting is completely dumbed down now."

    EVERYTHING in the org is dumbed down now because the current GB is utterly dumb. No one among them can begin to approach the mental caliber of people like Fred Franz, Lloyd Barry, or Bert Schroeder (not that they were great geniuses either). That revised NWT, while it contains some limited improvements, is in the main dumbed down. The sheep follow their shepherds. If the shepherds are dumb, then everyone else is too.

    Anyone of intelligence left long ago or are in hiding. The meetings and the publications reflect this fact.

  • enoughisenough

    "everything is dumbed down" agreed...it was so boring...they wrote and talked like everyone was a 3 year old IMO.

  • NotFormer

    It sounds like they are running out of ideas on how to excite the R&F and keep them keen. "The end is nigh" seems to have run its course. You can only cry "Wolf!" so many times before the adrenaline rush fades.

    Modern WT looks like a sad parody of its former self. They still do some of the things they used to do with some modicum of success, but with less enthusiasm and less intelligence. The organisation seems to be running on fumes.

  • Journeyman

    I've done a brief look ahead at the programme for the midweek meeting in the next month or so. Here are my 'highlights'!

    1) This week and next we have a two part book study on "doing more to support the congregation", including volunteering our free labour and - of course - giving money!

    This week, these now all-too-familiar phrases appear:
    "offer [ourselves] willingly."—Psalm 110:3.
    "honour Jehovah with [our] valuable things." (Proverbs 3:9)
    "We can use our material things"

    2) The second part next week has the heading "Brothers can reach out for more responsibility" - another desperate appeal from the org as it sees the pool of capable and willing men drying up.

    3) The week after that is another "Organisational Accomplishments" video. These are just regular puff pieces about all the allegedly wonderful things being accomplished worldwide. September's theme is "Appreciate Those 'Whose Hearts Impel Them To Volunteer'" (sound familiar?)

    But wait! In that video at about 9:26 - isn't that 'Uncle Tony' in a hard hat with the brothers? If so, will that video also be swiftly edited in the next couple of weeks before the meeting? Or will it be considered acceptable as he is not shown in a 'teaching' capacity? Look out for another announcement to update your devices, just in case! 😆

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