How Dangerous are Blood Transfusions really?

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  • dozy

    Imagine the was a religion whose leaders told them that according to their interpretation of the bible , antibiotics weren't allowed. Clearly this would create deaths but also it would create opportunities for researchers etc who could use members of the religion as guinea pigs. And obviously there are undoubtedly issues with antibiotics - over prescription , reactions etc.

    Maybe some of the medical researchers would get awards , dare I say. None of that would justify what is a false interpretation that has caused countless deaths & injury.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Already most members of the former Governing body figured out that the blood doctrine had flaws, allegedly it was only one missing voice (Jaracz) that decided for retention of the blood prohibition and not making it a matter of conscience.

    I dont know in which year this happened. I thas been mentioned in this forum.

    And perhaps one reason for the 1979 allowing of Hospital Liasion committees was, that so the victims of the flawed doctrine could be minimized. by the jounger GB-members. This is my assumption. But a matter of conscience it is still not.

    But how then was Jaracz progressive as Bro.Splane explained in the broadcast if he was a hardliner and hated by many.?

  • TheWonderofYou

    Is it happening regularly that minor children of J.W. who received transfusion after judicial order are given up for adoption? And what is the reason for that.
    It cant be simple fear of transfusions .


    Perhaps of further interest in this context:

    2 scientific articles in the Journal of medical ethics published from a member of Jehovah's Witnesses Hospital Liaison Committee, Luton, Bedfordshire. D. Malyon (2008)

    Quote: our view of blood, and its association with life, goes to the very core of the human psyche.

    So we should look here for answer what are the real reasons for prohibiton of transfusion,

    Quote: Do six million Jehovah's Witnesses mean what they say? and

    quote: What makes J. W. tick?

    Abstracts + downloadable pdf

  • Heaven

    Religion, which is based on mythology, needs to stay out of peoples' bedrooms and medical treatments.

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