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    Smiddy,,,, as i hear, Toole won't be the legal go to man in the future,,, cant get the full story but there seems to have been some kind of rift or fall out. I'm keeping my ear to the ground.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I just finished watching the latest review by the ARC, and WT's two representatives, Spinks & O'Brian, just made it clearer and clearer to the panel of six judges, that the WT and the people in it have no heart.

    Justice McClellan said, (basically) 'you realize that that is cruel..... just cruel... to take away someone's social structure and family when they decide they can no longer live in the JW organization.'

    And the other judge, at the end wonders if they do any pastoral work now? like pay for these children's psychiatrist's bills.... The WT reps answered in legal terms again...

    Why don't they "show love".... Why is love not one of the greatest commandments?

    I think Barbara found the answer in their Body of Elder's letter Nov 1, 2016:

    There was a reference to the matter of property damage to Kingdom Halls from “break-ins, thefts, incidents of arson, or other acts of vandalism.”

    The rule is to “promptly report it to the local authorities.” There is no indication that elders may choose to report the damage to the authorities in those situations.

    Apparently, for elders buildings are more important than children.

  • Vidiot
    konceptual99 - "...On the face of it, it would seem that the WTS has changed the policy so that an abuser never can serve in a position of responsibility but in fact there is still an opening..."

    They did initiate that restriction after Barb's Dateline appearance...

    ...and then quietly reversed it a couple years later.

    I suspect that they were running out of willing and/or "qualified" brothers.

    Which should tell you all something.

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