The more things change, the more they stay the same

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  • OutsiderLookingIn

    On another post, oldskool wrote: "the 'truth' is an experience, and the 'beliefs' are designed to get you to behave as a member of the experience." I've read a lot here about the many changes to the WTBTS in recent years. But this got me thinking about the longstanding practices or, for the most part, non-practices that make someone a JW. What has remained constant while doctrines are tossed aside? In the modern era of the JWs (let's say since the mid-50s), what has stayed the same? Here's what I've thought of so far:

    • no birthdays
    • no holidays
    • no blood transfusions
    • no voting
    • no military service
    • no illegal/non-prescription drugs
    • field service/door-to-door
    • God's name is Jehovah and you must use it or die at Armageddon
    • we have "the truth"

    What else?

  • ToesUp

    Marry only in the Lord...aka only a JW.

    no clinking of glasses or toasting.

  • oppostate

    - No pants for women at meetings or in service

    - No beards for guys giving public talks

    - No cleavage showing for ladies

    - No crossdressing

    - No crosses

    - No masturbating

    - No gambling or playing the lottery

    - No swearing or cursing

    - No criticizing the hierarchy or the 0rg.

  • stillin

    No consideration of apostate thoughts.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    - No windchimes

    - No smoking

    - No saying "good luck"

    - No saying "bless you" after a sneeze

    - No throwing rice or confetti at weddings

  • OutsiderLookingIn

    Thanks for these. Perhaps they can use some as catchphrases in their rebranding efforts:

    JWs-- God's name is Jehovah and we don't clink glasses for toasts.

    We hand out lifesaving Watchtower magazines and our women don't wear pants.

    We have the truth so we don't say "bless you." (This one is still weird to me. )

  • oldskool

    I had an interesting conversation with somebody who faded from the group that was faced with requests from active ones to "please come back, we miss you".

    First point, this person hasn't moved, and is still available to these Witnesses. Simply a phone call away. Access is not the problem.

    Since none of these people have reached out personally, and because JWs have no group sponsored social functions, we know they do not miss genuine friendship or social activity in any conventional sense.

    So what exactly did these people miss?

    They missed the person actively participating in group sponsored function. The group does not worship using ritual, lots of song, or other more worship/praise oriented activities. Instead, they sit through hours of group teaching sessions.

    Now bring it all together. What these folks really were saying is that "we miss you sitting through the teaching sessions with us". And also "We missed you publicly demonstrating your dedication to the group". Just think of the words JWs use so often:

    - Dedication

    - Imitate

    - Be Like

    The group experience is to emulate whatever is "current" with the organization. Part of the groups experience is to actually anticipate what new changes there will be that people need to emulate, or "imitate".

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    No wind chimes?! I did not get that memo; very much enjoy and have them, as do a couple of JW families I know.



  • sir82

    So what exactly did these people miss?

    Misery loves company.

    "If we've got to sit through 2 hours of this irrelevant drivel, you should too."

  • Londo111

    I believe wind-chimes are now "okay". I remember my parents discussing this growing up. It may be that at one time, they were not.

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