JW Skit on TV

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  • PopeOfEruke

    Just saw a skit on a comedy show on TV:

    Fake newsreader says "In an effort to boost their flagging popularity, the Jehovahs Witnesses are planning to change their name to J-Ho".

    Not bad eh!! The news is getting out there people!!!

    The Pope

  • Joyzabel

    ROTFLMAO J-Ho, love it!

  • benext

    More proof that we are in the last days. Could this be the generation that experiences the fulfillment of the scripture located at ____________________ (fill in the blank). Time will tell.

  • Reborn2002

    As we all know, the Jehovah's Witnesses will attribute such events as sign of the last days because they are receiving persecution.

    Someone praises the JW's = Jehovah's blessing and fulfillment of prophecy that Jehovah's people would give a witness to the world before the end would come. Isn't this great brothers? (I can almost hear them spewing from the platform)

    Criticism of JW's = persecution and sign of Satan's work (to JW's any criticism is NEVER correct by the way LOL) also a fulfillment of prophecy before the end because "God's chosen people" would be persecuted.

    Members increase in certain areas = Jehovah's blessing and sign of the true religion! (another fulfillment of prophecy according to JW doctrine)

    Members decrease = fulfillment of prophecy that the love of the greater number will cool off and still Jehovah's blessing by showing us the end is near!

    You can't win with these people. They have an excuse for EVERYTHING.

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