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  • yesidid


    An Anagram, as you all know, is a word or phrase made
    by transposing or rearranging the letters of another word
    or phrase.
    The following are clever. Someone out there
    either has way too much time to waste or is deadly at

    When you re-arrange the letters:

    Dormitory BECOMES Dirty Room

    Evangelist BECOMES Evil's Agent

    Desperation BECOMES A Rope Ends It

    The Morse Code BECOMES Here Come Dots

    Slot Machines BECOMES Cash Lost in 'em

    Mother-in-law BECOMES Woman Hitler

    Snooze Alarms BECOMES Alas! No More Z's

    Semolina BECOMES Is No Meal

    The Public Art Galleries BECOMES Large Picture Halls, I Bet

    The Earthquakes BECOMES That Queer Shake

    Eleven plus two BECOMES Twelve plus one

  • shera
  • Gamaliel



  • shamus

    Bob can be an anagram of Bob, or bbo!

  • yesidid

    The judges are pleased to announce the first prize goes to:




    Gamaliel, you are so clever.

  • Gamaliel


    Of course that cleverness is to be attributed to my 197 IQ and not to the fact that part of it was made from an ANAGRAM ENGINE.

    Also, before "any decisions of the judges are considered final" I just decided to check what ground has already been covered with JW related expressions before recreating the wheel, as it "whir." On this forum I found that some very good ones were already offered. If I were to judge, I think that funkyderek should take the prize, and besides, it seems he had already beaten me to the punch with one quite similar to my own.

    Ivor Hope at

    Watchtower gives you:



    ballistic added regular pioneer = lie prone arguer

    funkyderek added his own which are also found in this thread...

    funkyderek at

    • Watchtower Society = Woe! theocracy twits
    • Jehovah's Witnesses = The Jewish Son saves
    • Governing Body = Nor given by god
    • Charles Taze Russell = Craze results as hell

    ChuckD at

    • Kingdom Hall = Oh, milk gland. Kill, Damn hog.
    • Watchtower = That Crew, ow!
    • Governing Body = Envoy bring God. God Envy in Borg. Very non-big dog.

    Nathan Natas responded with

    • Faithful Discreet Slave = REVEALLED: CATFISH FIT US

    YYHWH at

    Erring Lie Out
    Ringer Lie Out
    Ego Ruiner Till
    Roger Lie Unit
    Get Lier In Our
    Lie Route Ring
    Lie Outer Ring
    Lie Re Routing
    Lie Re Got Ruin
    Lier Uniter Go
    Urine Tire Log

    bboyneko at



    nicolaou at


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    Crabby cheaters twit twit canoodle.
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    So twit the crabby talent cowardice.
    Let's! hate not twit crabby cowardice.
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    A cabby twitters wretched location.
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    Cabby twitters and theoretical cow.
    Beat yob twitters technical coward.
    Rat battiest cowardice by the clown.
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    Not best athletic cowardice by wart.
    Starchily downbeat brew tic-tac-toe.
    Writable cow and crotchety it beast.
    Win scattier, crotchety, datable bow.
    Dabblers twit now ace a crotchety it.
    Cobblers! an awaited, crotchety twit.
    Now dabble scattier, crotchety wait.
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    Twit cowardly, battiest bore chance.
    Cowardly twitters boat beaten chic.
    Best total witchery coward cabinet.
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    Drabbest witchery law on tic-tac-toe.
    Ace twit not coal drabbest witchery.
    Blast It! better ace on witchy coward.
    Celibate twit why bastard concerto.
    Badly-written cow as chaotic better.
    Decent, athletic cowboys rat braw it.
    Weirdest, blatant cowboy architect.
    Best accidental cowboy thwarter it.
    Twit cowboy branches delicate tart.
    Charitable arts twit decent cowboy.
    Athletic cowboy twitters ace brand.
    The nicest weird to wobbly cataract.
    Wobbly, nice, sad thwarter tic-tac-toe.
    I worthiest, wobbly, decent cataract.
    Castrate wobbly, wretched citation.
    Twit drabbest, warty, nice chocolate.
    Blast It! twenty-two, choicer, ace drab.
    An electricity to what drabbest cow.
    Catalytic cheaters twit now robbed.
    Braw tobacco twitters nicely hated.
    Wotcha! Ciao! recently drabbest twit.
    Twit recently boast cowardice bath.
    Natty twitters blob ache cowardice.
    Blast It! ratty, downbeat, choice crew.
    Now tarty, bawdiest, celibate crotch.
    Arty wretches twit accidental boob.
    Twit cow that adorable cybernetics.
    Celibate rent-boy accords what twit.
    Celibate rent-boy twits what accord.
    Wotcha! rent-boy twits delicate crab.
    Twit rent-boy cables that cowardice.
    Rat chic rent-boy cows dateable twit.
    Withdraw rent-boy cables tic-tac-toe.
    Charitably detect now scattier bow.
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    Worst twit a choice, crabby talented.
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    Wretched lacerations twit to cabby.
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    Total cowardice by what best cretin.
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    Crotchety cobblers await wanted it.
    Dabblers win to a crotchety, ace twit.
    Blast It! bat now ace crotchety weird.
    Ace on battiest, crotchety, braw wild.
    Braw, bloated as crotchety, nice twit.
    Drab now ace bestial, crotchety twit.
    Celibate drab as own crotchety twit.
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    Wretches boob tawdrily neat tactic.
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    Bitch snotty, water-table cowardice.
    Cow ratty dabblers twit neat choice.
    Twit best do cow athletic aberrancy.
    A chic twitters cow datable rent-boy.
    Ace athletic rent-boy twits drab cow.
    Blast It! chat wet rent-boy cowardice.
    Botchy cows ace rattlebrained twit.
    Botchy twits cow aberrant delicate.
    Wretched banality twister tobacco.
    Braw twit or decent, chaotic beastly.
    Now catch better bestiality coward.
    What! isn't better coward to celibacy.
    Boast twit rat on wretched celibacy.
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    Wotcha! retard best twit on celibacy.
    The contorted celibacy as braw twit.
    Twit ace celibacy bonds to thwarter.
    That celibacy twitters coward bone.
    Coward twitters on the tab celibacy.
    Cow celibacy and the twitters abort.
    That worst, braw celibacy detection.
    Worst now chatted battier celibacy.
    Twit worst borne attached celibacy.
    Withdraw best coat rotten celibacy.
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    Attached aborter bicycles now twit.
    Bicycle now rat the battiest coward.
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    Not crabby, sweet, athletic coward it.
    Twit what secreted crabby location.
    The crabby, delicate scrota twit now.
    Crabby teachers twit twit canoodle.
    Ache worst twit not crabby delicate.
    Twit corniest cabby coward athlete.
    Baby coward twitters choice talent.
    Dateable battery cows chronic twit.
    Blast It! batty coward chew erection.
    Is not batty, celibate wretch coward.
    Batty chic or wanted, worst celibate.
    Not braw cowardice by that testicle.
    Blast It! now erect by that cowardice.
    What! Blast It! not erect by cowardice.
    Blatant cowardice twitters by echo.
    Twit sweet contacted barbaric holy.
    Rat crotchety, bawdiest, antic bowel.
    Is crotchety, braw, tactile downbeat.
    So braw, crotchety, datable, nice twit.
    Twit crotchety, ablest bow radiance.
    Crotchety crabs twit alienated bow.
    Swot crotchety it and braw celibate.
    Chatty, new, braw, battiest crocodile.
    Braw, ace, battiest ditch to clownery.
    Twit eat drabbest, chaotic clownery.
    Cheat cowardly, battiest bow cretin.
    The cowardly, battiest, nice cow brat.
    Boat cowardly, battiest, nice wretch.
    Cowardly twitters both ace cabinet.
    Notable, best, attic witchery coward.
    Balanced battiest witchery to crow.
    Witchery bloats new drab tic-tac-toe.
    Twit accord notable witchery beast.
    Twit boob clean castrated witchery.
    Twit drab witchery conceals to beat.
    Charitable cowboys twit decent art.
    An athletic cowboys twit erect drab.
    Cowboys twit better anarchic delta.
    Tend scattier, braw, athletic cowboy.
    Nicest, braw, athletic, tarted cowboy.
    Battle-tactics went hardier cowboy.
    Cowboy than weirder battle-tactics.
    Best acidic cowboy thwarter talent.
    Blast It! thwarted, ace cowboy cretin.
    Twit cowboy charts dateable cretin.
    Cowboy twitters than delicate crab.
    Castrate wobbly, wanted, choicer tit.
    Aesthetic wobbly, tawdrier contact.
    Wobbly, weird, hottest, nice cataract.
    Castrated wobbly cheat or nice twit.
    Twit the tastier, wobbly accordance.
    Hate wobbly accordance twitters it.
    Contrary cow bawdiest, athletic bet.
    Crew twice castrate tiny blood-bath.
    Natty cobblers twit heat cowardice.
    Cow best tidy athletic, aberrant cow.
    Witch best tarty, notable cowardice.
    Not witch best able, ratty cowardice.
    Rent-boy cheats wild braw tic-tac-toe.
    Charitably cow worst beat decent it.
    Botchy twitters calibrated now ace.
    Cow better catch rowdiest banality.
    Bench beastly rat twit to cowardice.
    That bawdiest, rotten celibacy crow.
    Braw celibacy to the it detracts now.
    Crowd now threat battiest celibacy.

  • funkyderek
    funkyderek if anyone else wants to try their hand.

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