Imperfection is the charm of life, not a curse

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    Hi sparky1

    In larger view, anything that happens is a part of process which has its roots into past; hence no correct conclusion can be made by looking only at the end point. When a tree on the road-side is cut down, limited view can link it with final cut done on it whereas larger view may point to a man who made so many cuttings with his axe before that tree fell, and yet he was not the cause because he was only hired to cut the tree down because Electricity Officials asked the land owner to remove the tree because it was touching the electric cables. Doctors are good examples in trying to get a whole picture. When patients come to them, doctors ask many questions to the patients or their relatives to ascertain the disease and its cause because they know certain diseases have their roots in attitudes and even in heredity which are all invisible factors. It means cause may be visible or invisible, immediate or distant into past indefinite.

    If attentively and objectively analyzed, one would see that destiny is the result of habit, and habit is the result of tendency, and tendency is the result of repeated action, and action is the result of thinking and thinking is the result of belief system, and belief system is the result of family, religion, country … into which one is born. That means there is a starting point and an end point for anything that happens—small or big. If one chooses certain food-habits and life-styles that contribute to excess insulin, he will finally reach the world of diabetic patients. If one lives “in fear and believes that he is not good enough,” he will finally reach the world of ulcer patients. If one feels he “is standing in a situation he hates” and feels “discouraged, overworked and overburdened” he may reach the world of people suffering from varicose vein. If one “squeezes all the joy in favor of money or position” he may finally reach the world of people who suffer from “heart attacks.” If a woman hates or “rejects her femininity” she may reach the world of those suffering from menstrual problems. (You can heal your body, by Luis L Hay, P 205, 206, 175, 185) In contrast, if a woman develops excessive attachment to her femininity and happens to be reborn as a male because of either karmic, genetic or other reasons, that person may still psychologically remain as female in a male body (or vice versa) who is called transgender.

    We may not be aware of all the choices our souls make even now in this present life. For example, in one’s mind around 60000-80000 ( thoughts are unconsciously created daily, and whatever action one performs (in thinking, speaking and acting) consciously or unconsciously is also recorded so that memory is made possible. Such great activities of creation and recording are automatically done just like blood automatically flows from a cut whether it is caused by a blade by choice or by chance. Action repeated would results in repeated recording which is at the root of getting one’s tendency formed. Other vital activities such as circulations (heat, air, blood, life-force …etc), digestion, growth, repairing and renewing of cells …etc are all done unconsciously. But they are all done with the knowledge and supervision of consciousness (or soul) because the very primary aspect of soul is knowledge, as Nobel Laureate Max Planck [Father of Quantum Theory, also called Father of modern physics] rightly puts it: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”(The Observer, 25 January 1931) “Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” (The Mental Universe, published in Nature, International Journal of Science, July 07, 2005) If soul is “the creator and governor” of the body, then it means soul KNOWS how to build and maintain the body. It also knows when to discard the present body, and when and where to take a new body, in what shape of the body, in which community and in whose company in particular, in which part of the globe and way in which it will die….etc. People who have subjected themselves to Past Regression were surprised to see that all the details of present life were decided by soul before taking the present body. (Destiny of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton)

    Thus God is in no way connected to what happens to people. Everything happens according to the automatic and neutral mechanism called Action and Consequences. The person in your picture can have his imperfections restored in the incoming new world. (Mathew 19:28)

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