Philosophical implications of Genetic 1:26 and the personality of the Judeo-Christian God.

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  • venus


    The claim that Bible is God’s word is nothing but a claim that does not hold out under scrutiny. Let us go scientific for a moment. In science, you start with a hypothesis. Suppose A=B. Once you prove that this is so, you write, therefore A=B. I asked myself, why not take what all the scriptures say as a hypothesis and experiment with it (as done in science)? You start with a belief, experiment with it, get the results and then it becomes the truth.

    Let us take Bible’s most important claim that we are sinners from birth, and experiment it:

    If sin is an inherited tendency, how can people at times choose to commit virtuous act? Evidence is that anybody can choose to sin or choose to do virtuous act, or choose to mix them in any proportion he likes. This is why we find people acting/reacting in various ways in same situation.

    Let us see at what point in process sin appears:

    From beliefs, attitudes are formed.

    From attitudes, thoughts are formed.

    From thoughts, action is produced.

    From repeated action, tendency, habit, destiny …etc are produced.

    See, tendency to commit sin or to commit virtue begins from repeated action, not from birth.

    If you believe that you are sinner from birth, then you need a super-human savior.

    If you believe that tendency to sin comes from repeated action, you only have to avod repeating that action that caused sorrow to you and others; then you don’t need a savior, and you need only to change your course in the earlier parts of the process.

    When apostle Paul said: “The good that I wish I cannot perform, but the bad I do not wish is that I perform” he was saying about his experience. People did not dare to experiment the veracity of that statement.

    This holds true of its other claims such as earth is the center of universe, sun can be stopped over the earth to win a war …

    Such claims show that they are all of human origin. Such writers painted a God who wants praise whereas truth is that God is not interested in our praise.

  • Vidiot
    stuckinrut2 - "...So by ignoring the messages of the bible, and its description of God, then we are left to conclude that the bible is purely the fallible word of man?"

    Wanna hear something funny?

    I remember a WT article and talk back in the 80s listing (and poo-pooing) all the reasons "critics" of the Bible rejected its divine origins...

    ...and thinking to myself, "Y'know, some of these arguments actually kind of make sense... Maybe telling us about this wasn't the best idea... "


  • JustHuman14

    The Old Testament, basically is formed by copying other faiths and Myths from the Mesopotamia region. Specially the Hebrew God and the way he acted shows that is more like a egoistic, Narcissistic, with human behavior instead of Divine.

    For instance we have in the early Jewish faith, that Jaweh had a Goddess wife, Ashira. So that's gone now...Basically it was the Old Testament, and all the violence, hate, and rules by a misogynist God that turned me to become agnostic. What kind of God is this when he demands from the supposedly chosen nation to go kill everyone and keep the virgins for themselves(Numbers chapter 31)no difference from what Isis is doing, following the Bible rules!

    Or what kind of God demands for woman to be stoned to death because she didn't scream while being raped, or if she screams then she can married the person that raped her, as long as he pays compensation to her father!!! Or when a woman defends her self from a rapist and grabs the testicles of the offender the penalty is to chop her hand off....really give me a f..,.ing break. This is not God.

    During the centuries the Catholic/Orthodox Church, they have vanished many other books connected to the Hebrew Bible and mostly the Hellenic Scriptures, since it didn't fit their agenda like the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Maria Magdalene, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Nicodemus, Faith and Wisdom.

  • venus


    You nicely summarized what I was trying to say. Interesting information you brought out.

    When impartially viewed, Bible writers were thoughtless in painting a god of this sort--an egoistic god. Interestingly, ego is opposite of spirituality, according to Bible itself (Galatians 5:25, 26), hence is at the root of all problem, and is unholy. Wherever it is found ego is impurity--hence can never be found in God. Hence painting a God with egoistic disposition is height of perverted thinking on human writers who wrote the Bible.

    It is true that there are some good verses in the Bible, found sporadic. They might have come by chance just like some flowers are also found in forest which is filled with wild and dangerous animals and poisonous snakes.

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