Mohammad Will Style Your Hair — And Slit Your Throat

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  • Hecce

    Mohammad Will Style Your Hair — And Slit Your Throat

    Mohammad Hussain Rashwani is a Syrian “refugee” who came to Germany for a better life. He is a skilled hairstylist, and found employment working for a woman who owns a hair salon in Herzberg. He did so well that he was touted as a model of successful “integration” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

    Yesterday there was a little integration glitch: Mohammad was unable to resist emulating his namesake, and slit his employer’s throat.

    I hardly need to point out that this incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

  • jaydee
  • Simon

    I feel a "workplace accident" will be the official report.

  • waton

    thank you for posting that, and read the comments. I had the integrity of my neck threatened by a muslim in the h2h "work"years ago.

    Insane what is happening in Europe, but as some commentators of the article point out, this welcoming of all these males is driven by the ladies' like Merkel's desire for exotic lovers, the females, who supply the votes. Stupid german males, toiling in factories, while these lotharios, funded by tax Euros, pander to the ladies. And there is seems a sinister design behind the destruction of these divers European civilisations that have lifted mankind to the heights it enjoys today.

    who knows perhaps, his lady employer, Ms. Fugman* had developed a taste for a fresher more appetizing male import. and he will get off almost free, how dare you punish a" lese majeste " natural reaction of a mid easterner?

    * what an appropriate name. from "Fugen"= joining together, like in cabinetmaking. or other similar sounding F words.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Simon: "I feel a "workplace accident" will be the official report."

    Sorry, it was inappropriate, even callous, but I laughed at this comment. I guess it is so outrageous, and yet within the realm of possibility in our politically correct times.

  • Splash

    If he cut his own finger in the process he will seek (and probably get) industrial injury compensation.

  • cofty

    Merkel is driven by self-loathing Nazi guilt. Germany has long been remembered as the place people fled from in fear of their lives. Now it is where the poor of the world flee to. Germany has chosen to commit cultural suicide. It it trying to bully the rest of Europe to join it.

    I highly recommend Douglas Murray's new book, The Strange Death of Europe.

  • fulano

    Spot on Cofty!

  • Labate

    Sounds to me as if he's a violent criminal. Like anyone who purposely injures another.

    Maybe we should start mentioning the religion of everyone who commits a violent crime.

    I'm sure that every crime committed by Muslims is religiously based.

  • Hecce

    Jihadist planned to carry out 'massacre' in Mallorca

    The attack was planned for Inca, a small town in the northeast of the island that is popular with tourists during summer.

    Last Wednesday saw the arrest of four men in Mallorca as well one in Germany and an imam, suspected of being the spiritual ringleader who was arrested in the UK.

    Maybe this is the reason why religion is mentioned.

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