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  • Renee86

    Hey all,

    Are you allowed to kiss when you’re dating another JW?

  • GabeAthouse

    Yes. Kiss, Grind, Handjobs....anything short of intercourse is pretty standard practice when JW's are dating. Especially if they reach the point of being engaged. Just keep it between the two of you...

  • Renee86

    Okay thanks but does kissing always happen in the beginning or does it take a while before you start kissing etc?

  • GabeAthouse

    It's a date, not a standardized test. Happens when it happens. Don't know why you'd be dating a JW, but people are odd.

  • carla

    Renee, it seems you have not researched this site or elsewhere regarding your current crush on a jw guy. In previous posts you seemed to indicate the person could already be married or have a girlfriend. If you have no moral issue with that I don't know what to tell you.

    I will give you the short of being married to a jw and yes, there are many jw's married to non jw's and it causes all sorts of problems that you can't even imagine.

    If you marry a jw are you willing to let the men in NY (the governing body -gb) and elders control the following in your life?

    your sex life, what is and is not allowed in the marriage bed

    no holidays

    allow your children and loved ones to die from lack of blood

    turn any children into school weirdo's- no flag salute, no sports, no band, no theater, no friends (they are worldly and bad associates) no extra curricular activities

    your clothing choices (and yes that dress you want to wear above the knee is out of the question) by the way, if you wear thong underwear make sure nobody would even guess or you could be called into the back room for it. I have no idea why people in a church setting would be looking at your backside while they are supposed be thinking and learning about God but there you are, it has happened to some in the past.

    your shoe choices as well (gotta watch out for toe cleavage)

    be ready to change your beliefs about God & Bible at the drop of hat (new light or even blinking light)

    are you willing to devote about 4 hours each and every Saturday & Sunday and 3-4 hours one week a night? as well as home study? (if you are a studying add another week night of about 3-4 hours as well until baptism)

    are you ready to give up your non jw friends? you may keep some but you will become so damn judgmental that you will look at them differently and begin to spend less time with them. This goes for your non jw family as well.

    If you are currently a pretty upbeat person are you ready to become a debbie downer instead? Life is not filled with love and joy, people are not generally good, the world is going to end soon anyway and good riddance is the general thought of every jw and you had better tow the line.

    If you are a woman are you prepared to become a second class person within this so called religion? not only will you become a second class citizen within the religion but you will have to find the pecking order of the women already there, you may find yourself low woman on that totem pole

    are you ready to lie to others for the sake of getting people to join this insidious cult?

    don't forget the gb/elders also tell you what movies, books and other entertainment you can partake in. Don't like that idea, tough luck then you are a bad associate and weak spiritually.

    Think Jesus is your Savior? think again, Jesus is only for the anointed and if you claim to be one of the anointed you probably have mental issues. You will probably be a rank and file and your job after the Big A will be to help clean up dead bodies that look like "cooked hot dogs" (according to a gb) yep, you get to clean up our dead bodies for what about 1000 years? I might have that a bit fuzzy with new light and all.

    are you ready to sweep the pedophile issue rampant within the organization under the carpet? simply ignore it? if you know someone who's child has been molested/raped and try to warn others about the abuse you too may be shunned for doing so and possibly disfellowshipped for doing so.

    are you ready to shun people at the kingdom hall and not even know why you are doing so? simply because the elders require you to do so?

    If all this sounds like a good deal then by all means, go after your already spoken for fantasy of a man. Don't say people didn't warn you.

  • MeanMrMustard

    If you allow the JW guy to show you a "helicopter", it's unlikely that act alone constitutes "porniea".

    Have you taken the appropriate steps to Kerbuckle?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hey Mustard--wots a helicopter ?

  • HappyDad

    Renee86. Is 86 the year you were born? If it is, then that makes you 36 years old. If this is right, then I must say that you don't have much "grasp" of the world around you. Please don't think me rude, but at age 36, most people have a pretty good knowledge of the world around them and making relationships. Or is it that you are completely baffled about Jehovah's Witnesses? From this and previous posts, you seem to be trying to understand what JW's are about. Just run away from the situation you are getting into as fast as you can. If you persist, you will have a life of heartache. Find a guy who isn't bound by religious superstition and high control.

  • MeanMrMustard
    hey Mustard--wots a helicopter ?

    The common human foreplay mating practice involving a nude male moving his hips in a circular motion, producing a rotating blade effect with the phallus. This practice is normally performed while playing loud circus music.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Renee, with all due respect.... You're a weirdo. Are you a teen or something? And why do you keep asking questions about the same topic (and nothing else) over and over?

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