Church elders sentenced to 15 years for $6 million theft

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  • peacelily

    I posted on the forum when this was first brought to LIGHT back in December.It has been many years that I have waited for things that I saw going on within the congregation in Helena, come to the fore. One of my four daughters is married to the son of Darryl Willis, isn't that a paradox (the wedding was last October, and because I DA myself almost 12 years ago from the CORRUPTION I have been the outcast, as anyone who has been there would know) I was not included in any way in my daughters wedding, was told if I came I would have to sit in the back of the Kingdom Hall, no one would talk to me because I was on Satans side not being part of the ORG. (With this recent HUGE scandal somehow there is something wrong with this picture) Needless to say after searching my heart I did not go to my daughters wedding and put myself in such an unbelievably cruel situation. Perhaps after all of this my daughters as well as others will wake up. I knew these men and their families! I am glad I got out of my abusive marriage (my ex was an elder) the corruption and lack of love within the organiztion, the lack of LIFE within so many still trapped. It has been very diffucult at times to continue to show unconditional love to my daughters as they have been incredibly cruel and unloving to me, howver; maybe this script has not been entirely written and we never know when others will see things as they really are. That thought comforts me, in the meantime I continue to LOVE and LIVE my life in freedom. PEACELILY

  • BluesBrother

    Peacelily, that is so sad. I am so sorry and I can only say how much we hope your family will see the error of their ways.

    What is happening in the Borg? Not one by two recent million dollar scams brought to court involving elders , who they claim are appointed by Holy Spirit. When you add this to all the complaints logged on this board about the other things elders have done .... Something is very very wrong .

    I am told that the District Assembly will contain a discussion of the prophecy of Amos, who railed against the corruption of the leaders of his day. No doubt they will apply it all to Christendom and go on about "False religion" and it's scandals. Even their institutionalised blinkered brains ought to see that it is time to look inward at themselves.

    Perhaps I am just catching up with the more vitriolic members of this board , but this really got to me today. How would Farkel have put it?. Hmmmm

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  • peacelily

    It took me five years to finally gather the courage to leave the BORG, my verbally and physically abusive husband, and knowing that my children would not comprehend the severity of the decision. One of my four daughters left also and she has had the royal treatment as I have. It is truly amazing to me that this kind of corruption is so prevalent among the congregations. As I mentioned on my last post my ex was an elder, I was at one time a regular pioneer, the more I studied the more I questioned what I was reading. I was told that I needed to beware of thinking independtly.....(they said trying to justify why I left;) that I had lost my mind. I replied that" no I never lost it, I just never let them take my mind". After 17 years of oppression I reclaimed my life. By the way, Darryl Willis and Dale Erickson were the ultimate Drama Kings on the podium giving talks...Dale Erickson used to wear face makeup to the Kingdom Hall, no kidding! Dale Erickson was in Helena before moving to Missoula. They will certainly have a different lifestyle in the Deer Lodge prison! With all that is being exposed in the BORG now, it is only a matter of time when Jehovahs Witnesses will dissolve. I truly believe that will happen, in time. In the meantime: Life is Good and is to be lived to the fullest every day... PEACELILY

  • avishai

    This is so similar to what my elder grandfather did in Reno NV in the throughout the 80's, bilking elderly people out of their life savings. Fortunately, he had to spend 10 yrs. in prison. Unfortunately, he did'nt have to pay back a cent, & he's out now, a witness in good standing. Nice guy.

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