Song 151 ( Original Lyrics)

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  • Hairtrigger

    ( Original lyrics) Song 151.

    Jew Hobo roamed wild, sowing random his seed

    A careless drop there, and here without heed

    Merry carousing, and boning and copulating did he

    With carefree abandon he polly-mated wopeee!

    Now his drops scattered hither and whither anon

    Those bellies swelled larger and bastards were born

    A thousand popped here and a few hundred there

    Till a hundred and 44 thou. roamed everywhere

    Now this birthing was staggered, over time and the globe

    Who exactly they were is quite a subject to probe

    But now 15000, and a few random rags more

    Lay claim to this honor. like never before

    Born out of wedlock, they’re shamelessly cad

    About knowing their mothers; but f*** knows who’s dad.

    Declare themselves anointed con suckers with glee

    Dull them with a cult code, assure prompt assembly

    The whole rank and file now, show’em kissass respect

    Make them feel holy, be born though imperfect

    They claim now all anointed, have a heavenly hope

    To rule with ….sweet Jesus ! Christ on a tightrope!

    But the most wily among them, had an idea profound

    Knew well their power, if the rest were put down

    Eight of them, together, formed a closed circuit ring

    Said they were the slave class, of their master the KING

    The rest of the anointed, were told “go suck on eggs

    We’re a big boy’s club here, now please don’t y’all beg

    We cant have yu all here, you’ll don’t have the knack

    If u don’t like this change now, yu can piss up your back.”

    The rest of the anointed, shoved off with tails tucked

    Some cussed, others ranted, all said “we’re F*****!”

    After this crass act , the eight got more dowdy

    Gave themselves dress suits, and neckwear quite gaudy

    Began making appearances, annually on big screens

    Their pronouncements get weirder, straight shit from latrines

    Through strange twisting of scriptures, the meaning slip- shoddy

    Announced to the great crowd “ We’re your..ahem.. Governing Body

    “And anybody that objects to what we prophesy

    We’ll disfellowship and shun far, wide and nigh”

    Gave themselves titles with add-ons each time

    Bait and switch doctrines that can turn on a dime

    Fly business and first class whenever they roam

    Tell the congos. “ donate, y’re house, hearth and home

    Call themselves the slave Class, and wear signet rings

    And Rolex watches to decipher great mysteries bada-bing

    Assumed halos they wear, around each narcisstic head

    It’s actually illuminating, their wide ass***** instead

    Presumed mysteries of the bible, only can they unravel

    What comes out is pure, batshit crazy con babble

    With infinite wisdom, one of them felt and decreed

    Tight pants was gays’, demonic weapon indeed

    To ensnare all the young men, in JW land

    And bugger them silly, till they can no longer stand

    Most JW’s nodded, their heads and concurred

    At this supreme utterance, from Tony the Turd

    Geoff. Jackson the bald headed Aussie. lying shit

    Lied glibly to the RAC, while posing holy, the twit

    Took his vow to tell the truth, on JW’s silver sword

    Prevaricated, vacillated, uttering rarely a true word

    The kicker came when asked, “is the GB gods only true chanel

    “ There may be others “, was the answer, in a tone that was banal

    Now friends why I mention this is because in a JW JC

    The poor sap on the dock, is asked the same q. slyly

    And woe if he answers, like Geoff. the dipshit

    He’ll be slung out on his ass; … the verdict, ” DISFELLOSHIP” to wit

    Shunned by his family, friends and the rest

    By all of the JW’s ,this is serious… no jest.

    Now child abuse abounds widely, in the JW club

    Shag children, hump freely the pedo. eldubs

    Child molesters run rampant, the list is quite long

    Of pedophiles names, that to this religion do throng

    Protected they are, by these eight bastards on top

    “ Don’t report to authorities, we’ll get them to stop

    Wait on the Jew hobo “, is the mantra they spout

    “ We’re being guided by holy spirit “, they solemnly tout

    Now I wonder from where, they pull this “holy spiritistic” farce

    I’ll give you five to a dollar, it’s from deep up their arse

    But enough, I digress, from my original tale

    Only wish to inform, without boring detail

    So Jew Hobo is aware, of what his offspring are doing

    Is happy with the current crap, his dear sons are spewing

    Since all the 8 million, of the JW’s great crowd

    Are growing impatient with the mysteries that shroud

    The crazy beliefs; spouted by the heaven bound eight

    They desire an unraveling, from Jew Hobo’s mouth straight

    So their desert god decided, to pay heed to their call

    Said “ I’m revealing a great truth , to young old and all

    I’m announcing in song ‘a revealing of sons’

    Though for you it’s a great joy, sure, but for me its not fun

    I’ve fornicated and caroused being a “mistah lova lova”

    For I can do what I want, as I’m yr only god Jew hoba

    Now the GB and the rest of the anointed in fact

    Are the fruit of my sperm,..thats accurately exact

    They are my true sons, yes, out of wedlock I agree

    Doesn’t matter. My offspring are anointed by me.”

    Now friends My story, is almost completely all done

    “ A revelation of sons” from song 151.

    But wait don’t go yet, I’ve my own truth to unfold

    I’m of the anointed too, if I might venture t’ be bold.

    Now I know whats “anointed”. Honest, I aint shittin you

    For lately I’ve been feeling an anointing of me too

    I can’t tell definitively, if the feeling’s the same

    Felt by the holyshit anointed of the JW’s fame

    But after I take a dump, followed, by a fresh shower

    With shampoos and oils, that smell of fresh flowers

    Then sit down to contemplate how I left this fuc**** org.

    The GB. the Eldubs …. the whole 9 yards in the Borg

    I’m never depressed, never bothered, never lost or disapointed

    I tell ya friends I feel groovy, ‘n euphoric ‘n damn definitely Anointed!!!

    Now if yu feel lonely, or lost or a little blue

    For having left the Borg and its whole 9 yards too

    Take a shower and a dump, and a moment to think

    Yu’ll feel like I do . ANOINTED in a wink!!

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