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  • scholar

    Have received news of the passing of Alan Fuerbacher today having just turned 70 years of age. Alan was an earlier and frequent poster on this forum and was a strident critic of WT Bible Chronology. I enjoyed the continuous debate on matters relating to 607 BCE and will miss his intellectual contributions and his scholarship even though I disagreed with much of his contributions on this subject. My best wishes go to his wife Julie and his family.

    Vale Alan Fuerbacher

    scholar JW

  • Atlantis
    Articles by Alan Feuerbacher and others can be found here.

  • smiddy3

    Your a bit late with this news scholar ,just as the JW religion is always late with their world news .

  • BluesBrother

    If scholar is late , then I am nowhere because this is news to me…..sad news at that.

    Alan F was a hero to me when I first dropped out of the WTS and found this forum. Alan was a towering presence with a great intellect and turn of speech . I learnt a lot. I did not always agree with him but I could still respect him.

    The ding dong debates with Scholar about things made great reading…

    Alan F ….. gone but fondly remembered.

  • FFGhost
  • Smiles
  • ozziepost

    Remembering times past 🥀

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I didn't interact with him on this forum but I did manage to read some of his posts while lurking, plus I googled his take down of the Biblical flood, which was a very good piece of scholarly work.

    A very intelligent guy who will be missed.

    RIP Alan Feuerbacher

  • Hotpepper

    Alan f wrote a lot of essays on the wts on different topics. It's on a site I forgot , I think farkel was also on the same site with long esseys .very smart man. Sorry for his passing👍

  • ozziepost

    Ahh, Farkel!

    Remembering times past and fondly to the names of yesteryear.

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