BOE 2015-10-23 Re: Foreign-Language Field

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  • OrphanCrow

    Thank you, Wifi. I downloaded it and stuck it in my ever growing bulky file of "rules and regulations of the WTS". you know of any other group/organization that micromanages to this degree? I get dizzy reading all their rules and restrictions and directives on behaviour. Not only that, but it is hard to breathe after a session of wading through WTS letters and documents.

    Gad, if you stacked up hard copies of all the rules, regulations, letters of instruction, manuals, etc,, that this organization has produced in its history, how high do you think the pile would be?

  • Atlantis


    Thank you!


  • truthseeker100
    Orphan that bulky file would truly be something to see!
  • ListlessWitness

    I had a hideous flashback while reading that. When I was still in, I took my grandson to visit a meeting with a deaf friend of mine and they asked me to interpret for the sign language group in the hall. Grandson was only a toddler. While I signed, he was messing around near me, crawling on the chairs and copying me signing, and a sister I had never met grabbed him and took him out of the hall. My powerlessness to prevent this abuse might have actually been one of the things which opened my eyes to the control this borganisation exerted on me. I just carried on signing and within a minute he was carried back in distraught, crying for me. This was all the more weird because up until that moment he had never really been bothered about being close to me, but he sat on my lap cowering for the rest of the meeting.

    I had forgotten about that until reading that letter.

  • ListlessWitness
    It really, really scares me that I sat there politely, signing, while a stranger hauled my grandson out presumably to chastise him. Why did I allow that? Some scary shit that right there.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    That is quite a disturbing moment you had there LISTLESS, and I think most of us have had similar things happen.

    I think you're in such a state of shock over what's transpired, you pretend everything's ok and power thru it. . . .

  • LevelThePlayingField
    What bothers me is the GB writes this letter to the elders and doesn't bother telling the rank and file that the meetings will be video recorded. So if you get up there on stage your butt will be taped but if you weren't on THIS site and saw the leaked letter you never would have known that. To me, that's an invasion of privacy and I don't like it one bit! I think if they start video taping at my hall that's a complete stopper for me. I'm only in for my wife's sake anyways, but I'm not letting anyone tape me for nothing, just don't like the idea.

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