Awake Jan 8, 2005 - mentions the closings of some Catholic Churches, and the reason given by the WT

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    While I was looking for the article that mentioned neurolinguistics, I read throug and found this little nugget. Oh how hypocritical ( not suprisiing) but still sickening nontheless.

    The entire article talkes in twiisted ways. On is equating fish swiming, (equate without writing the actual words), having your mind "go with the flow" of WT thinking so that life will be easier. There are other parts of the article that make my stomach turn. Here is a copy of the predictable) hypocritical paragraph I came across: Awake Jan 8, 2005 in the "Watching the World section". Of course the Watchtower will never update an Awake to address thier own closings, and the reason behind being in such need for money now.

    Church Doors Closing

    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, U.S.A., has announced that it will close 65 of its 357 parishes​—almost one fifth of the total. Some 60 churches and 120 related buildings will be sold. According to The New York Times, this restructuring is “caused partly by declining attendance and increased financial problems that were worsened by the sexual abuse crisis among clergy members.” The newspaper quotes R. Scott Appleby, director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at Notre Dame University, as saying that “the scandal has put a drain on the financial resources of the archdiocese” to such an extent that it cannot “keep parishes afloat.”

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    The JWs spoke too soon because the same thing is happening to them.

    Yes, churches in general are closing because there is less interest nowadays in religion than in previous generations. But, I don’t consider the Catholic church to be gone just yet.

    Closing kingdom halls and consolidation to congregations that are much further to drive to are going to cause problems for some ‘needy’ JWs who absolutely must show their faces or they’ll never get any handouts from anybody!..You need to be present to get that envelope of $ from people cornered to give.😉

    If this trend of selling off halls and making people drive further continues, I believe some JWs will stop going (elderly)..there will be yet more ‘inactives’ and who knows where this will end?

  • nonjwspouse

    Apiece.. Exactly as I would expect the WT to "explain" sell offs and the need for money. Flat out lying and deception. It's how they roll. I wonder when that was written?

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    Thanks, Tate


  • WTWizard

    Church closings are quite normal. The world is, unfortunately, saturated with these trash holes. What this means is, for every church opening, another church is going to close. And, this is happening within the cat lick church--and many members are turning to other denominations (or Islam, which is the same thing effectively). The washtowel omits that detail--how many of those cat lick churches close because the demographics change or people simply try another version of xianity.

    And yes, the washtowel is losing a few of its own churches (even if they are not called churches, they still use that filthy bible). They go around bashing the cat lick church for losing members (without mentioning whether other churches are being opened to take the place of the ones that close, or whether they are simply becoming protestants or muslims). And check the date--2005 is already 14 years out of date. How many of those leaving the church in 2005 have found another one or returned, say in 2017 or 2018 and are more devout than ever. Is that happening within the washtowel?

    I would like to see the whole xian platform, islam and all, completely and totally destroyed at the source. All religions stemming from Judaism need to go, since they are all built on the same lies and promote and advance communism. And that goes double for the washtowel, which additionally boasts that they are not like these other religions but are as bad or even worse in so many ways.

  • Vidiot
    "...caused partly by declining attendance and increased financial problems that were worsened by the sexual abuse crisis among clergy members..."

    I remember that.

    You'd have thought it would occur to these morons that every time they mention this, they renovate more and more Kingdom Halls with glass walls and easy-to-reach stones.

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    (Roll Eyes) (Bookmarking) (Good Find!)

  • Finkelstein

    Now I wonder if the WTS/JWorg. will openly come forward to why there are so many Kingdom Halls closing down ?

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