Time Machine

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I would take the Bible back just to see if Jesus contemporary agree on what was

    written about him. Oh yes, I know that guy he's a nut case, he told me he is the

    son of GOD. I remember when he was a young man he tried pulling a rabbit out of hat,

    he thought he was better then most. He use to date my daughter I put a stop to that

    when he told me one day He will raise the dead , turn water into wine and walk on water.

    He was a terrible student, he felt 3 grade was sufficient. That kid walked a different step .

  • HB

    Thanks for the interesting replies.

    Bsmart, hope the second attempt is legible for you. I have Adblocker too.

    Freddo, I love your wild imagination! Jelly babies were a random nice touch!

    Zeb, I'm sorry if you found the character assassination of Jesus too heavy. I did explain it was not intended to offend, but sorry if you couldn't read that bit due to the adverts. Remember this is fantasy fiction and the story wouldn't work if Jesus was portrayed as a genuine nice guy. You are at liberty to complete the end of the story to fit with your own ideas; why not use your imagination to turn it round, maybe after all it's proved that Jesus really is the son of God and it all ends happily ever after?

    JeffT, You're most likely right, but to be honest, the whole story could be picked apart along those lines, and it's not intended to be realistic. But you make interesting points. Did they have beer in those days?

    LisaRose, I concur with your first paragraph and I really like the ideas in the second. But I would guess that like me, you sadly know that however much influence you had, your ideas about changing the world for the better, (such as equal rights and abolishing slavery), would have been highly difficult to achieve in that political climate, but anyway, it's nice to dream!

    James Mixon, Fantastic, the bit about the Ark made me laugh! And your second post made me laugh even more.

    HowTheBibleWasCreated, If Jesus did exist and was just a deluded man, and Pilate believed you when you showed him the bible, the world would no doubt be very different now. You might be a hero, but then there's always the argument that another perhaps more divisive and harmful religion would have taken the place of Christianity if it hadn't existed.

    But for fun, let's rewrite the story such that, after searching for a couple of years, the time traveller found no trace of anyone called Jesus and came back to the 21st century to tell everyone it's all fictional. I've a feeling it wouldn't make any difference to the stance of many of today's believers who need religion for emotional support.

  • HB

    A friend who teaches religion and ethics at a senior school came to visit today and I asked her the questions. Her suggestion was to take a defibrillator back to the 1st century and show people that it's possible for anyone to 'raise people from the dead' without any need for supernatural powers.

    But on the other hand, maybe the people wouldn't be impressed as it doesn't work when the deceased been dead for hours or days, so you'd have to be lucky to be in the right place at the right time to demonstrate it!

  • Vidiot

    If Jesus had been neutralized at the start of his ministry, someone else would have probably stepped up to the plate.

    And we'd have called that guy "Jesus".

  • Vidiot

    I once read a sci-fi book in which Thomas and Simon were time travelers from the present.

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