Meetings are boring

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    When I was 9 years old, my newly-converted JW grandmother applied much pressure on my father to have us kids reared as JWs. However, my father quickly realised what others here have noted about the meetings, and would not have a bar of it.

    For that, I cannot thank him enough!

    When I eventually began attending the meetings, I thought that there must have been a point that I was somehow missing. After all, the way several of the pioneer brothers described attending a Kingdom Hall meeting, it sounded like it was going to be a mind-altering experience!

    My biggest regret ever is the way in which I dragged my three children to all the meetings, from the time they were babies.

    Bloody cruelty!

    Bloody insanity!

    #@$ked -up bloody religion!

  • SummerAngel

    To get through the unbelievable tedium as a kid here's a few ideas. Set your self silly but tricky maths problems. Count heads, count blonde vs brunette, married vs singles and work out percentages. Count backwards from 1000. Work out a system of signalling with a friend there and send messages back and forth. Take loads of loo breaks, take a phone to them and surf. Miss as many meetings as you can. Its 2 hours of your life you won't get back.

    I've never understood why WT don't copy what churches are doing with the yoof its far more effective. My daughter loves the singing she dances at the back, there is a packed kids program from creche to 16 with police checked skilled helpers who do bible stories, prayer, arts n crafts cooking which she and my son loved. She looks forward to it because its child friendly. We do messy church once a month which is open to anyone not sure if you have that in US if u do popnalong. Its just bible themed arts n crafts, games singing and loads of fun. We are a very small town and had about 50 kids come along Monday. We feed you for free too as it's a poor area and our church like to reach out. As a result our numbers are growing its far more effective than carting. At the last big summer conference I went to they built a skate/bike park for the older kids which blasts out christian rock at teenage friendly volume. Imagine Assembly's doing that. It works young people and families stay in.

  • shepherdless

    Yes, who would have thought a doomsday cult could be so boring!

  • pale.emperor

    The meetings always were boring. I was born in and left age 31. And i NEVER sat through an entire meeting 100% focused. Most of the time i'd read my bible or something while the boring speaker is giving his boring talk. When tablets came in i even went on on the KH wifi!

    The JWs would be better having childrens classes in the back room. That would actually make it more fun and interesting for them.

    It's great that you're waking up now at this young age, wish i did!

  • sinboi
    i think is unfair that young kids get punished for falling asleep or zoning out.
    LOL! Young kids are being punished for falling asleep? You should have recorded it using your phone and upload it to youtube with the caption "Inhumane JW Parents At Kingdom Hall"
    I think I should have fallen asleep too when I was 5 or 6. But can't remember I was being punished.
    When we finally grow older, it is impossible for us to fall asleep. We meet here in small groups of about 10. We have to take turns reading the wt paragraph, answering questions and reading from the Bible...Because there is participation, it is not so boring as in KH....
  • Londo111

    The vast majority of JWs, adults and children, find the meetings boring. I suspect even the Governing Body finds them boring.

  • Saename

    Jesus Christ, I remember when I was a very young kid (around 8 years old?), and my parents forced me to go to the meetings. Naturally, I don't remember too much because I was so young, and it was a long time ago. But I do remember the fact that I was sooo freaking bored. No kidding, my ass would hurt from sitting for too long and doing nothing. And, sure, I didn't understand anything, but I also never listened, so...

    That was such a pain in the ass! (Of course, it all changed when I got older and WAY more zealous...)

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  • Finkelstein

    Its pretty hard to draw interest from the lies and ignorance from out of the bible.

    Once you hear or read it over and over, it becomes unexpectedly boring.

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