They are knocking the door (llaman a la puerta)

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  • opusdei1972

    In the 90s, a peruvian rock band composed a song called "llaman a la puerta" (they are knocking the door) related to the door to door service. I confess that once I knocked a door in field service and the kids there started to sing the song.

    I have translated the lyric:

    llaman a la puerta
    (They are knocking the door)
    Quién será?
    (Who are they?)
    Son un par de mongos
    (They are a couple of fools)
    No les habras, no
    (don't open the door, DO NOT)
    Hablan como gringos
    (they speak like gringows)
    No descansan ni el domingo
    (they don't rest even on sunday)
    Siempre el mismo rollo: salvación
    (always the same stuff: salvation)
    Folosofía de pollo
    (it's philosphy of chicken)
    siempre el mismo disco
    (the same tape(disk) as always)
    más rayado que un disco
    (more streaked than a disk)
    No me dejan descansar
    (they don't let me rest)
    No me dejan trabajar
    (they don't let me work)

  • stillin

    I always liked witnessing to punks!

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