Dutch government to discuss JW abuse issue Thursday 15 feb between 10.00 and 13.00 [live stream]

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    Anders Anderson - headed by a non-JW to ensure an impartial and unbiased view.
    JW will have a hard time swallowing that!

    Even more so if it's a woman.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Another point: the summary of this committee meeting will be reviewed by the General Assembly of the House of Representatives.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    JW leader will have another discussion with the Minister of Justice next week. The Minister is serious about the topic; he won't let them get off easy.


    Letter from the Minister for Legal Protection

    To the President of the Second Chamber of the States-General The Hague, 12 December 2017

    With this letter I respond to the request of the Standing Committee on Justice and Security of 24 July 2017 to comment on the reporting in daily marriage about the handling of sexual abuse within the Jehovah witnesses.

    Sexual violence is unacceptable and has a major impact on the victim. The cabinet considers it very important that victims of sexual violence have access to the right care and support. In particular, if cross-border sexual behaviour occurs within a dependency relationship, I see an important task for the environment to accompany the victim to the right help. The victim deserves support from his environment in reporting the incident to the police and in seeking help and support, so that the violence stops sustainably.

    Employees of my ministry are on 2 November JL. In conversation with a representation of the board of the Jehovah witnesses. In The interview, the Ministry has highlighted the important role of the environment to support victims of sexual abuse. It is in the interests of the victims that they are encouraged to seek help from specific institutions such as safe home and sexual assault centres and that they can report to the police.

    It stressed the additional safeguards that could promote a climate in which victims seek help. The measures taken by the RK Church in response to signals of sexual abuse, including the independent investigation carried out by the Commission Davis, have been mentioned. With this independent investigation, the Davis Commission has made an important contribution to restoring the suffering suffered by victims. The Jehovah Witnesses have been called upon to implement the measures taken by the RK Church (prevention) Study and where possible to take over. I also pointed out to the Jehovah witnesses to the various bodies which have been set up by the Government for the provision of assistance to victims of sexual violence. The Board of Directors has been given information about the working method of safe home.

    During this interview, the board members of the Jehovah Witnesses have indicated in a first reaction that there are witnesses within the community of the Jehovah to prevent and address abuse. They also announced that victims are being encouraged to report to the police. In the interview, it was agreed that the board of the Jehovah Witnesses, in response to the examples mentioned by the Ministry, will further identify the measures to be taken to prevent sexual abuse within their community as much as possible. They will also indicate the way in which victims of sexual violence are collected within the community and how the referral to aid and the police are proceeding. The board has agreed that early 2018 will be a follow-up call.

    In that conversation, I will also have the news in newspaper Trouw 28 November 2017 involving the recently established Foundation reclaimed Voices indicates multiple reports of sexual abuse within the Jehovah witnesses received. I understand from the news that the board of the Jehovah Witnesses has now indicated that the conversation with the foundation wants to go. The foundation will also be invited to a conversation with the ministry officials.

    The Minister for Legal Protection,

    S. Dekker

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    I was in the public today. Before the discussion I had a conversation with some representatives and afterwards I spoke with the Dutch minister of Legal protection.

    The debate is here for download (only Dutch): https://debatgemist.tweedekamer.nl/debatten/kinderporno-en-kindermisbruik

    Iḿ working on editing the parts that are relevant to the childe abuse problem within JWs. I wil try to upload it tomorrow with English subs.

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    @ jochie

    Thanks for working on the video with english subs.

    What's the difference from your video-download-link to this in the first posting?

    Anders Andersen
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Jochie's link is a direct link to the correct recording.
    My link is to the general page with recordings. A direct link was not available at the time of my posting.

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    Australia, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands...

    ...I'm telling you guys, the Legal Dept. are seeing the Org's tax-exemption tide going out.

    I gotta wonder; just how dependent on said tax-exemption is the Org's "business plan"?

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