Did you want it to be "the truth" or..

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  • Brummie

    did you just get the eck out of there and couldnt give two hoots? Or maybe you left and then researched it to confirm your reasons for leaving?

    I must have been a real dumb ass cus I held on by the skin of my teeth wanting it to be "the truth", what a twit, did all my research internally and must have spent the last 3 years of being a JW battling against the evidence and getting a bigger headache for it.


  • ozziepost

    Don't think so, Brummie. I reckon you became stronger for it. Nothing's wasted.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • WildHorses

    I'm glad that it wasn't the truth. I never had any friends as a JW. I was an outsider to them. Always had good friends on the outside though. Thank God they stuck by me.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sounds like you and I were twins Brumm. That's exactly me. I just knew it was the truth. I only left when that organization and people started to affect my health. If I had stayed any longer I would probably be dead now.

  • Gopher

    Yes I definitely wanted it to be the truth. I invested my first 39 years of life in it. After discovering it was just another man-made religion, what a let-down! But the evidence was so overwhelming, I had to accept that I'd been misled and I had to "start all over" again with my life.

    It's been worth it. I am glad for those who find out before they get baptized or before they get very old, that this JW religion is a man-made scheme and is not the truth leading to eternal life.

  • JH

    I was honest and I wanted it to be the truth. It WAS the truth until it wasn't anymore...That meant losing eternal life as they pictured it. You know, not getting old, seeing the New System in less than 10 years away...

    Get the picture. I wanted all that, and why not, it was free they said, it was a gift from God.

    So of course I wanted it to be true. I wasn't thinking of the 99% of people who was going to be destroyed. I was thinking of myself. We were greedy in a way...

  • greven

    I didn't move me much. It was boring and a real drag. I started researching it because God could possible not want me bored to death in order to be saved....

    Glad it wasn't truth.



    After I had invested so much of my precious teenage/young adult years as a JW, of course, I wished and wanted it to be the *Truth*.

    I wanted the *Truth* to cure me, or fix me. Because of that, I wanted it to be right.

    But, the more I did for the organization, and the more I prayed, studied, took in extra meetings: NOTHING worked, I still felt the same. Made me wonder..... 'why? ' over and over again.

    I had doubts etc., but I figured with more time, study and patience the matter would become clearer. Guess what? It never did.

    19 years and a month behind me - away from that lifestyle.

    What a relief!!! And I kid you not, a relief it was and always will be.

  • Francois

    You folks who are disappointed that it never was "the truth" shouldn't be. Remember that scripture that says something like "...eye has not seen, nor has it come into the imagination of man, what God will do for those who love him..." {words to that effect}. Everything we think or thought we knew about the so-called New System were things our eyes have seen and consisted of things that had come up in the imagination of man.

    Thus, what the WTBTS said we could look forward to wasn't it! What we will be given in the next level of being far excedes anything the puny, worn-out imaginations of the geriatric crowd on the GB can come up with. The only thing I'm fairly sure of is that the next level of being is not on this planet; that we will have new bodies in which to house our spiritualizing identities, and that all of us are going: exjw, Hindu, Baptist, Muslim, Shinto, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, and Holy Roller. We're all going, and we're all going all the way sooner or later.

    But you have to ask yourself, by what magic can death - the natural cessation of life - perform such that the animal origin soul of man is instantly transformed into a being of such spiritual completeness and purity that it can logically and consistently stand outside of time and space before the existential God in heaven? That entire idea is nothing but a pleasing fable IMHO. I think that many transformations must take place between death here and our arrival there in the Center of All Things before the existential God, maker of Universes and Giver of Life. I know you all remember the scripture by John about being carried away to the 7th heaven. Well. How many heavens are there? And how many lives do we live before we have attained the level of perfection that would allow us to make that leap from a time/space existence to a life lived in eternity and infinity.

    Have you ever given this any thought? I didn't until I had fully and forever shaken off the crumbling shell of Watchtowerism and was able to think fully and freely "outside the box" (outside the jail for the intellect provided by the JWs). Jesus, don't they know that ALL religions are supposed to provide paths for growth, not jails for stunting the spirit nature? I guess not.


  • Hamas

    An elder asked me if it was just a 'way out' of the Organization, me investigating the things about it.

    At the time, I responded 'no' but looking back, I don't care if it was.

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