"...The Most Important Day of the Year" Watchtower January,2024

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  • Listener

    What a mockery that statement is to over 99% of their followers. There is nothing biblically that makes the JW memorial day important to anyone that does not partake.

    They still continue to say

    It is the only event that Jesus specifically commanded his followers to observe.

    Since they don't partake they are not followers of Jesus' command although the Watchtower tricks them into thinking that they are.

    It is a ritual that they observe worldwide with instructions to all congregations to follow "the same pattern" by singing two songs, passing the emblems, and saying 'amen' to four prayers.

    This is what they have said about rituals in the past. The Watchtower 83 11/1 states

    Burns and other Catholic authorities may feel that a host of other “ritualistic” things can be helpful in worshiping God. But note what Jesus Christ said about “the kind of worshipper the Father wants.” To a woman who thought worship at a particular mountain was necessary, Jesus declared: “God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth.” Worshiping “in spirit” clearly rules out the use of visual aids, as is also indicated by the apostle Paul, who said that Christians walk “by faith and not by sight.”​—John 4:23, 24; 2 Corinthians 5:7, Catholic Jerusalem Bible.

    The passing of the emblems is much more than a 'visual aid' it is very hands on as well and as noted by many ex JWs, a visual sign of rejection.

    The article states that there are questions that people they invite might have and they included examples which are -

    "What will happen at the event" How long will it last? Is there a dress code? Is there and admittance fee? Will collections be taken?"

    The Watchtower really does have money on its mind.

    Further into the article they explain to Elders that they need to be targeting inactive JWs. They are really getting extreme. Here are some of their instructions -

    "Give them loving attention...Assure them of your affection and your desire to help in any way you can...After the memorial, keep in touch with these dear brothers and sisters."

    These are JWs that aren't d'fd but no longer participate, even still they are told to show emotions that don't exist. But worse, this is left to the Elders and not to other JWs who personally know them, maybe for many years and have spent much time with them and who really did love them at one point in time.

    Instead, all the other JWs are told to show their love to them only when they actually attend the memorial.

  • Atlantis


    You make some very good points in your research. Thank you!


  • Listener

    You're very kind Atlantis and if it wasn't for the great guys like you and your team, there wouldn't be much to research.

  • TonusOH

    "Give them loving attention... for now."

  • hoser

    It’s not that important especially the years when they do it on the WRONG day!

  • DesirousOfChange
    ....they are told to show emotions that don't exist. But worse, this is left to the Elders and not to other JWs who personally know them,....

    They are scared shitless that other R&F JWs might quietly share and discuss doubts they are having about the current clusterfuck of doctrinal failures and inexplicable New Lite. They likely tell elders to be on guard against any hint of apostacy.

  • Ding

    The whole thing makes no sense.

    If the meal isn't for non-"anointed," why invite them?

    Why come to a meal where you are expected to handle the emblem trays but not partake of anything?

    Why come to a "meal" at a Kingdom Hall where no one at all partakes?

    Why come to a Memorial to Jesus only to be told that you aren't worthy to partake?

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    When I described what went on at the JW memorial to a Catholic friend they completely freaked out. Once they asked some questions and understood what went on they said, that's like and anti communion. They basically reject Christ as they pass the bread and wine along without consuming any. They felt it was more akin to a Satanic ritual of rejection and denial of Jesus' offer.

    I had never thought of it that way and found that description more than a little apt.

  • Ding

    I know a POMO ex-elder who now refers to it as the "reject Jesus Memorial" for the reason covered by Big Dog.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    They compare the event to a marriage where you're just an observer and have no participation. I can understand that with a real marriage because all attention is on the physical bride and groom. It would make more sense if they put the anointed people on the stage and let us all see them eat the bread and drink the wine. At the end of the ceremony we would would want to hear the special utterances the holy spirit gave them that previous year. The prophets of old were not anonymous so let's see who's really writing the watchtower.

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