Evangelicals and Unbelievers

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  • Boredposter

    I have been noticing a distinct difference in reaction to those who leave Christianity among evangelicals and Jehovah's witnesses. When I left JWism there wasn't much effort to correct me. Not since either. I know this is not a surprise to any of you. The response publicly from the Watchtower has been pathetic to people leaving in general. Simply labeling people apostates but no intellectual responses have happened.

    Contrast all of this with the following article. Not to mention I have noticed apologetic conferences and events in numerous locations all to bring back unbelievers to Christianity.


  • sir82

    no intellectual responses have happened.

    I would submit that is due to rational, intellectual responses not being possible for the hopelessly shallow bunkum that constitutes JW doctrine.

  • Wild_Thing

    You mean shunning members that leave doesn't help bring them back? I'm shocked.

    I can't get over the article's tagline: "Responding with grace and love when people walk away from the faith."

    If that were printed in the Watchtower, it would say, "Responding with grace and love by shunning when people walk away from the faith".

    I can never, ever get past the Watchtower's claim that shunning is a "loving arrangement".

  • OnTheWayOut

    While "Christianity" is a broad term, most of it is still not at all like the dangerous mind control that Jehovah's Witnesses are. So of course the way they react would be different.

  • Xanthippe

    Surely your link is to a Christian site and article about Christianity. Why are you talking about apologists trying to bring people back to Christianity? You've lost me. I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Boredposter

    Apologists having conferences to bring people back to Christianity is another thing I have noticed in addition to the article I posted.

  • Giordano

    I think I understand where this article is coming from. A christian church should reach out to those who no longer agree or believe. Reaching out to people is the Christian way based on what Jesus taught. Shunning people is not.

    I left over 50 years ago, thankfully with my wife who was my former pioneer partner. And I remain her 'current' husband........ her words not mind.

    Neither of us believed in the made up god Jehovah nor in Christianity over all and hardly ever believed in the WTBTS's 'truth'. We were simply raised in it ....... found each other then left after a few years............ after coming to a conclusion that none of it was real. We were not shunned so 'normalizing' was easier. Many of our friends reached out to us.......but we realized that we would have to let them go as they with us. Today there is a hardness at work among JW's

    Having said that I do understand the dynamic that is at work within the congregations and through the WT publications. On the one hand friendships abound but unfortunately they are conditional. And the capacity to shun is telling when it comes to the value of being a JW.

    The WTBTS is always right. Obedience is on par with faith. That marching in step is the only way one can remain a JW in good standing. And by the way...... don't question.

    Critical thinking is discouraged as is higher education. The reality is this: They are educationally one part Amish (who don't encourage more then an eight grade education) and will shun their children if they leave the Amish life.

    One part Christian Scientists who ban or discourage certain medical treatments.

    One part Scientologists who 'disconnect' followers who stop believing their version of things.

    One part extreme Orthodox Jews who also shun for life

    A great deal of hurt and anguish is generated in these religions and there is nothing that resembles the thoughts and words of Jesus.

  • Vidiot

    A while back, I came to strongly suspect that deep down, the Org doesn't actually want XJWs to come back.

    I could never figure out why, because a steadily increasing (and loyal and robust) membership was always touted as proof of "God's blessing", and therefore, the Org's legitimacy...

    ...not to mention that if you continually weed out the intellectuals, creative-types, and out-of-the-box thinkers (which I know the Org definitely doesn't want), not only will you end up stagnating ideologically, but all you'll end up being left with is a "worldwide body" of morons.

    I scratched my head for the longest time.

    It wasn't until recent indications of financial decline that it started to make sense.

    Managing decline is a lot easier with a (much) smaller, leaner membership and goal set, and thusly more survivable...

    ...in theory.

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