If shunning were no longer a JW policy, how many would leave the Org?

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    Additionally - If this shunning rule was removed and everyone was made aware of the dirty secrets of the org.

    (e.g. CSA-ARC / UN Membership / Malawi - Mexico contrast / etc.)

    Would those leaving be higher?

  • littlerockguy

    I think the percentage would be low, maybe 10 percent if even that. A lot of people really don't care about those issues since it doesn't effect them personally. Many have too much invested in that organization and dont want to deal with the changes that leaving the organization involves. Many feel validated and have a since of belonging in that organization and they also have a social support group within it.

    Unless they are severely and negatively impacted by something in the organization they aren't going anywhere.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Some consequences I can see if ever the mandatory shunning would be done away with:

    • Many dubs will continue shunning anyway. WT policy has become their identity; that can't be changed simply by shunning not be mandatory anymore. Only if WT would forbid shunning they'd change. Compare with the unofficial shunning of former JW who are neither DA or DF; they are shunned even though the rules don't strictly say JW must do that. Fundamentalist religionists think and act black and white, us vs them, even if shunning were not explicitly mandatory.
    • Quite a few PIMO will leave. I estimate perhaps up to 10%.
    • Many already faded dubs/POMO will finally officially withdraw themselves from the religion by DAing. I would!
    • The most interesting result would be long term though. Humans have the tendency to attribute high(er) value to things that have cost them much. And the more we have already paid for something, the more we are prepared to pay on top. Shunning your own dear friends, parents, children, siblings is as high as cost can get for JW living in free countries. Once they have resolutely shunned on command, they become even more determined and motivated to make that high emotional cost worth while. They are more likely to stay in the religion longer. Without mandatory shunning, less JW will pay this ultimate price, and I think on average the JW will become inactive and leave a little sooner. This lower retention rate translates in lower membership numbers.
  • smiddy3

    the unofficial shunning of former JW who are neither DA or DF; they are shunned even though the rules don't strictly say JW must do that. Fundamentalist religionists think and act black and white, us vs them,

    My DIL has been shunned by her parents and siblings for the past 15 years simply because she no longer attended the JW religion she was never DF or DA`d she just walked away from the religion

    I say shame on them ,she is a lovely girl.and I`m proud of her and couldn`t ask for a better DiL.

    I would be proud enough to call her my daughter .

    And they say JW`s don`t break up family`s , I`ve got news for them .THEY DO .

  • Crazyguy2

    25% most are in for social reasons.

  • smiddy3

    I think it might be closer to 75%- even 85% that jw`s stay in the religion. Crazyguy2

    The other 25% -!5% of JW's is either they had a lobotomy or they are just brain dead ?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Shunning is the glue that holds the Cult together. Without it many would leave or just relax and not do as much as they did before. For those that stay it would most likely divide the congregations into two groups. The so called super strong ones and the so called weak ones. Then it would turn into another kind of Cult. One that not only hates those in the world but also hates one another in the congregation. Still Totally ADD

  • BluesBrother

    In my experience, in the U K, people are only shunned if they are announced d/f'd.....

    Those that have faded are viewed as lost sheep__...... not good associates, but neither totally shunned. Perhaps the feelings are different elsewhere. Customs vary and bad attitudes can be catching.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ive been shunned by 2 of my 3 offspring for over 30 years. strange thing--i resigned from the cult before the younger 2 were even born ! thay didnt start shunning till 10 years later.

  • snugglebunny

    I would sometimes get the occasional witness approach me and tell me that they were now going to shun me. I would always ask them what I had done to make them do such a thing. Not one of them could answer!

    Of course the actual "sin" committed is never mentioned when a DF'ing is announced. This gives the opportunity for one to exclaim: "What? You are going to pretend that I don't even exist and you don't even know the reason why? Are you content with that sort of justice?"

    Exit one miserable and confused dub...

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