29 Years in the Watchtower + Ray Franz's 5th Ed. of CoC.

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  • oppostate

    Deborah Dykstra's "29 Years in the Watchtower"

    and experience about Ray Franz's 5th Ed. of CoC.


  • Diogenesister

    Funny I've recently subbed to the channel that features this talk but I hadn't noticed this one so thanks, she's an excellent speaker...I was absolutely riveted. I think we all know that feeling of devastation and emptiness. How brave of her to stay at the Hinklers house and not make her excuses, took a lot of integrity to face it full on like that.

    Wonder what she meant by " was Ray & Cyn believers? Yes I believe they were. I always assumed Ray a Christian...is there some doubt he was still a Jehovahs Witness?!!!

  • WingCommander

    I think she meant that people still ask her if Ray & Cynthia considered themselves "Christians", and not still JW's. So the answer was yes, they still considered themselves Christians, saved thru Christ, and had escaped a horrible cult.

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