a more appropriate logo instead of JW.org, drawn by my brother who is Still a witness, but weary of some things.

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  • foreverfreenow
  • Magnum

    I see (from your name) that you're free now. Looks like your brother might not be too far behind you.

    How long have you been free and was there anything in particular that woke you up? Is your brother aware of this forum?

  • foreverfreenow

    Been free for 2 years now, was "in the truth" for 9. What did it for me was whenever I asked a question or disagreed with GB teaching and was told that I need to keep it to myself because I was becoming a stumbling block, etc.

    I didn't get disfellowshipped I just left and have never been back.

    My brother detests all forums like these, especially "silentlambs". Even with his weariness, he fiercely defends the organization, and that's why I found this and other drawings he's done in private such a strange thing for him. Maybe they are his outlet, way of letting off pressure, I dunno.

    I bet if he knew I was starting to put them on a sight like this, he would blow a gasket.

    Hi Magnum, btw

  • Mandrake
    O I think there's a chance, not so small, that he found this hanged on internet... What do you think?
  • foreverfreenow

    he is a graphic artist, as well as an honest man, so I believed him when he told me it is his.

    I guess I still do believe him, cause he uses roflbot to print on various pictures "You need to benefit more fully!" and other phrases that are, as he puts it , "constantly repeated in those boring talks!!!"

    All I can say is that the design Blew Me Away, much less that he would share it with me, since it is a jab at the JWs.

    He inspired in me the related idea of "Jehovah's borganization", which I am going to try out on him soon!

  • redpilltwice

    Excellent! Your brother appreciates science fiction as much as the GB. Love the robot eye!

  • foreverfreenow

    He is a sci-fi and comics Freak, you got it! The power and simplicity of the design just boggles my already boggled mind.....

    Hiya r-twice, Love your handle

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm not trying to offend. Maybe I'm having a mild cognitive deficit this morning... it's early... and I'm old.

    But I don't get it... what is that?

  • Watchtower-Free
  • foreverfreenow

    to Nathan- "borg" is a race of people turned into robots in the "Star Trek" series.

    the JW is a borganization that turns people into robots. d:D

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