what is the sales technique here?

by Kevin McFree 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dubstepped

    It's called more cheese, less whiskers. The cat that wants to attract a mouse has to put more cheese out there, to distract the mouse from seeing the whiskers of the cat lying in wait.

    Ultimately though, that's how humans work. Humans have to typically be persuaded to do anything, including things that are good for us. The direct approach rarely works in any capacity.

  • HappyDad

    It's called bull shit!

  • LV101

    When I studied with a narcissistic sociopath she was always spewing out how JWs don't go door to door to recruit as they had plenty of members -- God drew them in -- nor did JWs do membership drives like all the other religions. I was also told by a Bethelite since there was such a huge growth factor, the Society had become quite discerning and choosy in permitting/allowing membership and taking more time to study publications with potential members and going over all the questions with 3 elders for baptism. I had more than a couple JWs tell me they would have never been able to answer all the questions that they were making studies prepare for. Unreal -- I know well that many of those 'studies' couldn't answer the questions -- they told me so yet they were baptized.

    I wonder what the requirements are for baptism/club membership today!

  • jp1692
    Does anyone know the sales techniques involved here?

    Yes, it’s called lying.

  • jp1692

    Oh, I now see LisaRose said it first!


  • pontoon

    Less likely to scare householder away. But sales are not the object. The object is to keep the obligation of field service alive and well without making it too difficult. That keeps the witnesses tied to the KH where territories and FS is organized and where they can hook up with a friend to go do it. And most important is its where they put their money in the box for the worldwide work. Makes them feel good, fulfilled their FS obligation for the week and made another payment for life in paradise.

  • ShirleyW
    "our main purpose going door to door is not to convert but to share bible truths with people"

    I remember hearing my mother saying some similar words to that when I was kid out in FS with her, so I'm thinking, why are we here knocking on doors if you don't want them to study?

    Like Lisa Rose and others have said, they are liars.

  • Cimarrona

    But to them, the fundamental "bible truth" is that they are the one true religion worshipping the only true god. So... the intention of sharing bible truths as they say would always be to make them believe that they need to join the one true religion.

  • xjwsrock

    It's like a car salesman saying:

    "I'm not selling cars, I'm just sharing test drives today"

  • Finkelstein

    does anyone know the sales techniques involved here? JWs let the

    JWs let the WTS create the lies and fear mongering tactics to allure people to the Org. through its published literature.

    JWs are just subservient and loyal to the WTS. publishing house.

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