Oh noooooo! My favorite Youtubers turn out to be JW's.

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  • HappyDad

    On the subject of beards....I recently realized that the people in three of the Youtube channels I love to watch are JW's. I don;t want to name these channels here, but you can message me if you want to know them. Shortly after the announcement of now being allowed to have a beard, the men on these Youtube channels started growing facial hair, whereas until that point, they were clean shaven. One channel is by a guy from my old home town (lived there for 5 years) of Bonita Springs, Florida. His channel was mainly a travel vlog. After seeing him with a beard, I searched my memory and realized that last year he posted a picture of him and his wife showing their brand new clothes for a special occasion. New suit for him and a new dress for her. That special occasion was the night of the memorial. After doing more searching on his Facebook page and all his pictures, sure enough, they are JW's.

    The other two channels are related. One is a very large vegetable growing farm and market in northeast Pennsylvania. The other channel is a horse boarding stable that is attached to the farm market. Both are owned and operated by a very large extended family. There were subtle hints that made my JW radar ping on several occasions. On several videos, when the guy was showing all the produce in the market, there was a literature cart against the back wall. Then there was the early closing of the farm market on a day that just happened to be the memorial, and other things. Then lo and behold, in January, at least 5 of the related men of this family started growing beards. So....acting like a troll, hehheh, I checked out all of the two families Facebook pages. Sure enough, they are all JW's. I wouldn't be surprised if at least a quarter of the congregation in Hazelton, PA is members of this extended family.

    Just because they have permission to grow a beard doesn't mean that they should. If all you have is blotches of hair on you face, forget it. A couple of these guys look like LLoyd Evans clones.....unkemped, sloppy, and greasy.

    I think somewhere down the road, the society will comment on the fact that beards should be kept ineat and trimmed just like a good haircut.

  • DesirousOfChange
    Just because they have permission to grow a beard doesn't mean that they should.

    Right. But NOT being able to grow a beard until your "religious leaders" give you their permission does mean their religion is a Cult.

    So much for the individual's Bible trained conscience being used to make their decisions in life.

    Facepalm - Wikipedia

  • TonusOH

    Imagine making free will an important part of your teachings... then forbidding people to grow a beard.

  • Varuaino
    Imagine making free will an important part of your teachings... then forbidding people to grow a beard

    Great description of the Borg 😂

  • markweatherill

    Pennsylvania eh, I wonder if any of those nice youtubers could be involved in that alleged unsavoury stuff...

  • WingCommander

    I'm in Pennsylvania. It's Pedo-Central all throughout. Why do you think it's taking so long for the PA Attorney General to bring charges? Because there's so much of it, they have to dig thru it with a shovel.

    Also, I have to laugh. A good portion of the higher JW Elite from the Red Lion Congregation picked up and left for the Carolina's years ago. Real estate and flipping homes and related. Rolling in money. So they'd tout from the podium about "keeping your eye simple" and they are millionaires. The fuggin' hypocrisy is astounding. And that's just (1) extended family. There are plenty around here who own all kind of contracting companies and employee pauper JW's and pay them the bare minimum they'll work for before jumping ship to a better worldly company. Total Legacy Families as well. It's sick.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    wasn't sure where to post this..

    But hey, here it is it's Monday!! Probably Stacey's best video even yet,,now that says a lot. This one is epic!!!


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