children who are organized to do Jehovah's will

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  • Sabin

    The organized to do Jehovah's will book pg 77, tells us Haviing come to Jesus, therefore, in response to his invitation to follow him, we have been blessed with knowledge of Jah God & of JC. We have been taught Jah's ways. With his help we have been able to make our mind over, change our personality, & harmonize our daily conduct with Jah's righteous standards. Our heartfelt appreciation has moved us to dedicate ourselves to Jah & to symbolize that by baptism in water. BAPTISM CONSTITUTES OUR ORDINATION AS MINISTERS.

    WOW! Can they really have written this. Do the parent's who allow their tender aged kid's to get dunked read this do you think. Some of these kid's they are baptising cant even walk to school on their own yet. There should be some sort of law against these fanatics. This constitutes as child abuse in my book, especially when on pg 158, it states.

    Serious wrongdoing on the part of MINOR CHILDREN who are baptised should be reported to the elders. When the elders handle cases of serious sins involving a MINOR, it is preferable that the baptized parents of the young person be present & cooperate with the judicial committee, NOT attempting to shield the erring child from necessary disciplinary action. Just as in dealing with adult offenders, the judicial committee endeavors to reprove & restore the wrongdoer. HOWEVER, if the young person is unrepentant, disfellowshipping action is taken.

    These child abusing bastards should 100% lose their tax exemption rights. How the hell can they possibly use shunning on, as they say in their own words "MINOR CHILDREN". Seriously what is wrong with them are without any kind of intelligence at all. Jesus so full of love & kindness "Let the children come to me" is gonna pat them on the back for this is he? It will be interesting to see if they change this in the new organized book, although having seen how little their regard for children is I doubt it.

  • tim3l0rd

    Want to read something that will make your blood boil? The 14 year old boy that was statutorily raped by a 35 year old JW woman was disfellowshipped along with her.

    Here's the article:

  • WTWizard

    Do these children realize they are making a vow, which could potentially be legally binding? And it is not a stable set of rules, but one that could be altered behind their backs without notice. When one takes this vow of obedience, they are vowing obedience to whatever the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger comes up with. Since June 1985, the wording of the baptism vow has favored the washtowel, which could be altered at will, instead of merely the LIE-ble which at least is a stable platform.

    Even adults are not given this information. How much more so should it be illegal for children, as young as 6, to take this legally binding vow if they decide to start suing or drugging them back into the congregations? (And, with Saturn in Sagittarius, that could happen without warning--either from the local level or at the directive of a hounder-hounder). Those children might find it too hard to obey when they get to around 12 or 13 years old, find the rules damaging to their souls, leave the organization with great emotional cost, only to be rounded up next time Saturn enters Sagittarius when they are around 35. Do they even have the slightest idea of this?

  • Dunedain
    @ - WTWizard - What do you mean by, "Saturn in Sagitarius", and "suing and drugging tham back"? I am not sure i follow, and i mean no disrespect, i am actually interested to know what you are meaning about Saturn in Sagitarius. Thanks in advance for letting me know.
  • tiki
    Contracts are not legally binding when entered into by minors in the USA. Simple really....but the powers that be think they are above and beyond the it is on the parents shoulders to bear responsibility for their kids. And not let them get dunked until they are adults!!!
  • stuckinarut2

    Said it before, but children are:

    Not old enough to drive

    Not old enough to get married

    Not old enough to leave school

    Not old enough to drink alcohol

    Not old enough to have sex

    Not old enough to vote

    Not old enough to cross the street on their own in some cases

    Not old enough to make large financial decisions

    Not old enough to have their own homes

    Not old enough to do these and MANY more things, yet they are considered old enough to get baptised??

    Wasn't Jesus 30????

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