Counter-Watchtower / Answers-in-Watchtower First Draft Issue 1

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  • Counter-Watchtower

    Please proof read the draft and comment any edits, corrects or changes of any kind needed. Also i need help with the cover page, what the title should be and plain text or whatnot, whatever would be more appealing to a JW to get them to open and read.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    There are some spelling errors on page 4 that I noticed and punctuation throughout needs checking.

  • jaydee

    Just my first impression, and therefore not worth much,

    but I hate the font... Is it possible to change that down the track ?

    and can you use colour pics ?

  • Counter-Watchtower

    All fixed all the spelling, punctuation i could find (or my poor English skills know how you :-/ ) and updated the file with the changes i have been updating it thru out the day so not sure then you saw it. If there are anymore please let me know where exactly (Not sure if JWs capitalize Holy Spirit or not?).

    Images were made back and white and adjusted brightness and contrast so it printer friendly and doesnt kill your ink cartridge.

    Font can be changed, but not bigger size. I did all i could to fit one topic on one page.

  • TD

    --Reminds me of the work of Edmond Gruss

    Is that the "feel" you were going for?

  • jaydee


    kind of reminds me of those 'Comments from the friends' news letters that used to go around by David Reed.

  • Counter-Watchtower

    I have no idea who Edmond Gruss or David Reed are. I was just trying to make it as gentle as could while confronting problems to make someone think... I sure hope it works, and someone shares it.

  • jaydee

    @ Counter-Watchtower

    Some of the WT quotes in this SDA booklet may be of use for yours in some future updates...

  • Counter-Watchtower


    Made columns for the text pages, fixed some wording and the links. Cleaned it up in general.

    So most of you being exJWs would this have got you thinking?

  • darkspilver

    Counter-Watchtower: (Not sure if JWs capitalize Holy Spirit or not?)

    Er, you are using the Watchtower Style Guide aren't you??

    Below is a copy to a 152 page version

    The section on capitalization starts on page 30 of the PDF (and covers about 35 pages) - you need to look at page 55 of the PDF

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